I’m on the threshold of day and night, today and tomorrow, my past and my future. So are you.

This is my last night in the lovely home of a local friend. When I was in an unexpected situation where the home I was living in became untenable, she generously offered to let me stay as a house-sitter while she traveled in Hawaii for almost three months. We had only met twice and yet she trusted her intuition, first, and then the recommendations of mutual friends.

Her home has been my temporary refuge, a sacred space in geography as well as time. And now, I’m almost ready to move on, through the threshhold, into the unknown.

I’m not sad, or angry, or frightened. And I remember feeling those ways in other moves. I’m not desperately trying to pack and clean and get ready for the morning. I remember that too. This has been a gentle move and I’m grateful. I’m feeling … pensive, appreciative, curious.

I’ve learned about thresholds – we really don’t know what’s on the other side. We can imagine, anticipate, and visualize, but when it’s time to emerge into a new place, a new space, a new community … only time will tell. Even when we believe we already know the place, the space, the community – it’s still a mystery as to how life will evolve.

I stepped through and nothing changed, yet I had entered heaven. Still myself, alone on the desert at night, I walked while winds scoured the sand below and in the distance a jackal howled at the sun. “Entering Truth – Awakening Osiris” by Normandi Ellis

I’m ready. What about you?

This reading is for all of us in deliberate transition at this moment in time.

As always, the cards that come out are perfect accompaniments to the the topic.

We begin in the land of emotional dreams, Seven of Cups. There are so many possibilities ranging from wondrous to mysterious to frightening. As we consider our next step, we wonder whether we are choosing the right ‘cup’ for the next phase of our life – whether that phase is a day or a decade. We think we see a castle or jewels or victory … but as we reach out our hand, the vision disappears and we are left only with potential.

Then we walk into the land of deep dreams, the Moon. We emerge from the waters and must pass the dog and wolf in order to reach and pass through the the threshold ahead. This is the moment of transition – will it be a friendly or fearsome path? We will have allies or enemies. These are the worries we carry with us and have the option to leave at the shore of the waters.

Do you know that feeling as you are waking from a dream, as if you are rising, swimming up from deep waters? That is the feeling of the Moon card in this reading. We’ve been deep in dreams – especially as we’ve just left the Pisces season and some of those dreams are still with us. We can choose to carry them, or leave them at the shore for another time. Whatever is ours cannot be taken away – and we cannot keep what is not ours.

So we travel the path to the the threshold and beyond into a distance we can’t see from here. But, we trust. The moon in the sky above me as I write is just past full – when I go out at night with the dog, I can easily see around the house, up into the mesas and down into the valley. And yet, it’s moonlight, not sunlight, so everything is visible but a little strange.

When we are traveling into our potential, we’re still walking the path of the moonlight, we can see a bit into the distance but it’s not quite clear.

Finally, we arrive at the Ten of Pentacles. The ultimate manifestation of material desires. We see a wealthy family, in their courtyard, the elder covered in a rich tapestry with dogs affectionately gazing at them. Wealth! Home! Family! what more could we want? And! the mysterious black magic wands that shows up in the cards, here and there – so we have the magic of a satisfying everyday life.

Kim Stanley Robinson, in his Mars trilogy (absolutely worth reading), offers the quote: Enough is as good as a feast. And so, as you move through the moonlit landscape, you’ll need to look back at those cups and define for yourself – what is enough? what is wealth? what is home? what is family? To you. Be willing to throw out all your old beliefs about how to define these things and let the truth for you emerge from your heart & soul.

Enjoy the journey through the threshold – I know I will!

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