Lay Down Your Burdens

As I write these words, we’re in the midst of the full moon / spring equinox and we are shifting from the flowing, cosmic Pisces energy to the much more active and self-aware Aries energy.

If you’re interested in learning more about astrology and the interpretations of planetary patterns, I recommend: the Astrology Podcast, Chani Nicholas, Christopher Witicki, Rob Brezsny, and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. Each of them have websites and are on Twitter and Facebook. I prefer to learn from a variety of people so that I’m seeing the bigger picture.

If you have your birth chart, look to see which of your natal planets will be energized by the Sun. My natal Venus, Moon, and Mercury will all be crossed over by the sun, as well as Black Lilith. It’s a busy month for me. You can see your own birth chart by visiting, going to the Free Horoscopes tab, and then – depending on your familiarity – choosing one of the options. You’ll need your birth date, time, and physical location.

The shift from the watery Pisces to the fiery Aries can be abrupt – the full moon in Libra offers some balance, and the current retrograde period of Mercury also eases the transition. The cards for today give us some suggestions as we move into the next 30 days as the Sun transits through Aries.

We have the fiery wands – Three and Seven – as well as the Chariot. This is all about the Aries energy. In the Three, we see someone who is pausing from the action that s/he has already taken. This is a merchant who is sending their ships out to sea for trading opportunity. They’ve chosen the best wares for their potential customers, hired captains and sailors, and made sure the ships are in perfect condition. Now, s/he must wait.

What you have prepared for recently? What have you put your energy into and are now waiting to see the outcome? Do you even allow yourself to wait with out trying to push things along. You can see, if this person tried to hurry their ships along with their breath, it would be both pointless and exhausting – so I wonder how you might similarly be exhausting yourself with useless actions.

We haven’t seen the Chariot come up yet in our readings together. My rule of thumb, even after all these years of reading tarot, is to begin by describing what I see – what am I noticing this time. The information that I receive about the meaning of the card in this reading flows from the description.

I see a young man in a chariot – I mean, he is actually embedded in the chariot. Go ahead and pull your own Chariot if you have a deck, or bring it up on Google Images search. He is one with the vehicle – just as a centaur is both a person and a horse. He has no ‘real’ way to control or move the chariot. The sphinxes appear to be connected to him and the chariot at first glance, but they are not. The only way to move forward is through his will.

It is his will, connected to the energy and power of the universe, that generates the power of movement toward his goal. If he is aligned and clear, if his will is aligned with the will of Spirit, then he can integrate the sphinxes, the chariot, and himself.

This is very much Aries energy. We think that Aries and it’s associated planet Mars, is only about aggression and war. That says more about us than it does about the sign and planet. Think of the burgeoning energy of spring as plants emerge from the ground!! as buds emerge from bare wooden branches!!! as lambs, kids, and calves emerge from their mothers bodies and begin to leap, and run, and cavort through the pastures. That’s a part of Aries energy we don’t talk about as much.

Some of the questions you might ask yourself are: what is my goal? Am I completely aligned with this goal – does my heart agree with my mind? How do I feel about it? Does my soul support this goal? Then what guidance am I receiving in order to move this all forward.

Finally, we come to the Ten of Wands. Just put yourself in that person’s place for a moment. So many burdens, so unwieldy, and trying to carry all of them together blocks your ability to see what’s ahead of you. And yet, how many of us carry our burdens this way. We over-commit, overextend, and try to prove ourselves again and again and again by taking on more than we want to – and surely more than we can – handle. This is also Aries energy – the ego trying so hard to prove itself.

Take a long look and consider – what are you carrying? Of that – which of them please your heart? What do you wish you had never picked up? What would happen if you put down just one … or two … or all of them at once?

If you lay all your burdens down – you would be able to take a step back, consider them, and then choose which to take along and which to leave behind. It’s a freeing experience.

These three cards are some of the guiding questions you can work on as you follow the Sun through Aries. Where do you need to practice patience, knowing you’ve prepared well; where do you need to check on whether you are aligned with the goals you’ve set for yourself, and which burdens can you lay down?

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4 thoughts on “Lay Down Your Burdens

  1. Lois says:

    This is so timely to hear. Awoke from a dream just this morning where I was all in a fuss about something I had no control over.. And I know it’s time to let go… To lay it down. Thanks


    • Emma Deva says:

      Thank you Lois! Sometimes we cling too long to our burdens because we have made them part of our identity – it takes great courage to lay them down. So glad my words helped to clarify 🌟


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