Q & A: What am I doing wrong in meditation?

Q: I have been meditating every day since you started the psychic skills series – a month now, but I don’t feel like I’ve received any communication or guidance from my soul. I don’t feel anything during my meditation and I’m not receiving anything in my dreams.

Even though I am asking for guidance and inspiration, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

A: Blessings, friend. Consider that you are always receiving guidance from you soul, from Spirit at all times.

Expectations of how it ‘should’ be given may be getting in your way. Sometimes people believe that they will actually hear something or see something with their physical ears and eyes. This isn’t impossible but it is rare.

I rarely receive answers during prayer and contemplation – I know that if I set forth my question or call for guidance that it will be given sometime during the next few days. I receive my guidance when I read something in a book or article that is unrelated to the topic but I get an ‘aha!’. Or my answer might arrive through a conversation, or even a license plate – that has happened twice during significant decisions I had to make.

I recommend that you relax during your meditations and allow them to be about stillness and focus. Then be attentive to the world around you. We know that Spirit/Source is all and in all – so you may hear your answer in a song, an overheard conversation, the sign in a shop window – everything is Spirit so wherever it comes from in the physical realm, you can trust that it is your answer.

Pay attention to how you feel when you get an answer. It might be a tingle, or a warmth in your heart. I know something is true when I ‘hear’ a silent bell. I don’t know how to explain it better. It took me years to realize that was my signal. Pay attention and discover yours.

Finally, I’ll be doing a series on prayer after I finish the psychic skills series on Sunday. That might also be helpful to you in learning how to communicate more deliberately with your soul.

I am still healing from this flu-like illness, and am not offering a daily oracle until I’m feeling better. Thanks for your patience.

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