Guidance for the week of March 17 through March 23

I am comfortable in my own skin as I detach to replenish my soul

I am packing and preparing for my move this week to a new home, nearby to the haven that I’ve been living in since mid January. I have experienced the most perfect solitude. I’ve often felt isolated in my life, but not this time. Though I am literally miles away from any other human, I have felt embraced by the land and the serenity of the winter, even though the storms.

The Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid

In 1928, Virginia Woolf wrote: a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.

When I take this statement down into the essence, for me, it says that we require time, space, and security to allow the quiet voice of creative expression to move through us.

It might be 15 minutes a week while we lock the door, take a bath, and write in our damp notebook while the children and the dog wait outside the door. It might be our 30 minute lunch hour when we walk the streets of our city with a camera and an eye to unexpected beauty even though the catcalls trouble us. It might be picking up our embroidery after everyone in the house has gone to sleep to design another flower, squirrel, or mountain on the tapestry we have quietly been working on, and each year our eyes dim just a little more.

This squeezing in of solitude is wearying to the soul. It’s not enough. We require true solitude in order to rediscover ourselves daily. To listen to what our heart has to say about where we are and where we are going.

After I unpacked, settled in, and got to know this place – I could feel my heart, body, and soul relax. And in that relaxation is when I was inspired to start this blog. I hadn’t done any personal writing in almost 10 years, I didn’t know if I was still able to.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I started with poetry, allowing the
play of words to my mind as I walked over a land that was new to me. I picked up poems I began years earlier and refined them to begin to say what I wanted to see. I felt heartened.

Then, this blog. Started in solitude and practiced daily as a way to share with you, my readers. You inspire me with your visits, your likes, your comments. I am grateful for this invisible and yet very real support. I am eager to see where this journey takes us all.

I’ll be leaving this physical place of solitude but I carry the essence with me. I know, for the first time, what it feels like. Wondrous. Spacious. Sacred. I have a touchstone to re-create this wherever I go now.

What about you? Where is your place of sacred solitude? Have you found it yet? If not, how will you recognize it?

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