How to Develop Your Psychic Skills – Part 5

In this series, we’re working on developing our psychic skills through our ability to communicate with our soul (our psyche). As a skilled psychic, you must be grounded in the basic skills of discipline, focus, stillness, and visualization.

As you learn to develop a strong connection with your soul, you also become more consciously aware of your connection with the Essence of Life, All that Is. Your soul connection is what gives you the ability to discover information about the past, the future, other places in the here and now. Just as you might ask a librarian for a book on a particular topic, your soul knows right where it is and retrieve it for you. Being grounded in the basic skills of discipline, focus, stillness, and visualization is what helps you to learn how to read the information and how to  integrate what you’ve learned into your own life.


I recommend keeping a journal or notebook. After each practice, write down your experiences, your feelings, and your thoughts. 

Keep track of symbols that occur over and over again. They may be visual (a picnic basket) or auditory (a fragment of a song), you might notice the scent of lilacs, or the sensation of a drop of water on the back of your hand, you might experience the taste of fresh baked bread. Symbols can show up as a word, a symbol, or a color.

Track them and note what they mean to you. I want to emphasize – to you! Don’t look them up in a book of symbols. You are going to create your own unique, personal book of symbols which is one of the ways that Spirit communicates with you.


In the past four weeks, you’ve been working on your practices for breathing and meditation as a way of developing focus and discipline. You’ve also been working on visualization through candle gazing and clairvoyance exercises.


Your breath is the primary connection to your body. When you are focused on your breath, your mind cannot run wild thinking about the list of things you need to do, or an argument you want to have with a coworker, or the beautiful walk you took yesterday along the river. Focusing on the breath means you are fully aware of your body.

Dr. Sue Morter often says, your soul speaks to your body and your body speaks to your mind. You can’t hear your soul if you can’t hear your body. You breath is the connector.


  • Sit in a comfortable, upright position and place a finger in the center of the top of your head.
  • Remove the finger and continue to feel the sensation of that pressure.
  • Push your head up toward that pressure and elongate your neck and back.
  • Imagine your sitz bones and press down into them, continuing to elongate your spine so that you are sitting upright and still relaxed.
  • Begin to notice your breath
  • As the breath leaves your lungs, deliberate press your belly toward your spine and empty the lungs out even more.
  • Relax your belly and notice the breath as it moves back in to your lungs. Continue to inhale into the belly — then the chest — then up toward your shoulders (no, don’t raise your shoulders, just imagine the air moving in that direction)
  • Continue to exhale and empty the lungs more fully than usual; inhale and fill your lungs more than usual.
  • You can do a cycle of ten … or twenty … or set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes. Over the week, try to increase the amount of time you spend on this exercise.
Imagine yourself in a peaceful place …


Continue to meditate – every day. Set a timer for five minutes and increase it by one minute each day until you are meditating for 15 to 20 minutes a day. You can do it in one session or break it into two sessions.

Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. It’s not about judging your thoughts. It’s a gentle practice of simply sitting and staying. Pema Chodron says to treat ourselves like small, beloved puppies. As our thoughts wander away we bring them back to whatever our focus point is and we gently and kindly say to ourselves, stay. Just stay. Stay sitting here.

Observe your thoughts as if they are clouds crossing the sky. Don’t hang on to them, don’t push them away. Simply observe. And when your mind wanders away, bring it gently back and remind it, stay.

Stay with no goal other than to be there observing, not thinking, not judging, just being.

If you are an experienced meditator, please leave your favorite meditation in the comments below. Thanks!


If you find yourself frustrated with the card practice, please stop. You can either go back to the practice introduced in week 3 and 4 or return to the candle gazing practices in weeks 1 and 2. This is the last week we’ll use a deck of playing cards for clairvoyance.


  • Take your regular playing card deck, shuffle the cards thoroughly, lay the deck face down, and gently focus your attention on the top card.
  • Without turning the cards over, take the first ten cards in the pile and prepare to sort them (face down!) into two piles.
  • Using your imagination, notice the color you see in your mind). If you ‘see’ red then place in one pile, if you ‘see’ black, place them in the second pile.
  • Pay attention to how you feel as you sort the cards. See if you can notice clues from your body – a feeling of warmth, a buzzing sensation, maybe a soft tone, your signals are unique to you.
  • Sort all ten cards without looking at them.
  • When you are finished – notice how many are in the proper pile. Then – even more important – notice how you feel. Write about this experience in your journal.
  • As soon as you feel frustrated or competitive, stop. This is a gentle process. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to begin to key into your clairvoyant skills.
  • Approach this practice with curiosity and a sense of play.

If you have any questions about what you’re learning in this series, please leave them in the comments below and I can address them in a post. If you want more direct assistance, you can contact me with specific questions.

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