The Fool’s Journey

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Did you know the cards of the tarot deck are a picture book of the Fool’s Journey. Some limit the journey to the major arcana – beginning with the Fool and ending with the World. Others weave the minor arcana cards into the journey as well. In either case, today the Fool enters the picture and leads us in new, unexpected directions.

No matter where any of us are in our lives – I believe we are always standing at the precipice of an unexpected journey. Like Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, we may be cleaning up the dinner dishes when an adventure knocks on our door and we are whisked away to encounter trolls and spiders and dragons as well as treasures and companionship and the opportunity to grow into who we really are.

When we finally return home, we may appear to be the same, sleepy hobbit were were – but inside we are full of new stories and new possibilities.

This Fool doesn’t allow herself to be weighted down by her cares or the judgments of others; she willingly steps off into the unknown and the next step in the grand adventure of her life. She shapeshifts from the major arcana into the minor and continues the journey as the Eight of Cups.

Again, there are moments in our lives when we look over all that we’ve achieved, we claim it as ours and we acknowledge it as good – and then we let it all go and move on. Our journey is not as precipitous as the Fool’s, we time it just right – in this card we see the ebb tide allows an easy crossing over the emotional waters and then onto the dry land and the future.

The land is claimed by the suit of pentacles and in this reading, we end up at the Queen – the one who embodies all that is fertile, growing, possible. The Queens do not rule their suit, they embody it. They are the earth (or fire, or water, or air). She has no need to effort in order to be prosperous, skillful, fertile – she simply is that.

We all have that within us – it is our natural inheritance. We don’t need to try to become, our work is to recognize what we already are.

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