Slow and Steady

Over the past four years, I’ve been trading sessions with a peer coach. We studied together in the same coaching certification program and have spoken with one another almost every week over those years. We’ve gone in very different directions professionally – she is now a successful executive coach while I turned to integrate my coaching skills into a larger sphere of spiritual guidance and energy medicine. It’s been a gift to me to have someone in my life who knows me so well.

We’re not therapists, we don’t analyze or diagnose. We listen. We listen to what is being said and what is not being said. We ask questions that feel like they get to the heart of the matter under discussion that day. We ask permission to offer suggestions or to tell a quick story about a similar situation. The relationship offers great respect – attention, kindness, trust – and belief in the best possible future for the other.

I’ve been witness to extraordinary growth in her life as she sheds layers of, to use a technical term, gunk from her life. She has witnessed me as I moved from Montana to New York and then New Mexico, as I attempted to shape my life with out forcing it. Our relationship is a great boon, because I can’t always see the changes and transformations in me from where I sit.

This morning was my turn to be the client – we always start our sessions with some breathing to get centered and grounded, then we talk about some of the wins since our last conversation, and finally we get to the topic of the day. But today was filled with my wins. It was a great feeling for me to share all the things that are flowing smoothly for me in my life.

It was even better to hear her perspective on what she’s seen in terms of how I’ve achieved the kind of life I want to live. In the flow of Spirit. Trusting that I will receive the guidance I need, when I need it – and trust in myself to respond so that I remain in that flow of guidance and inspired action.

Too often, we believe that transformation is a radical process, something that happens with dramatic music in the background. And that may be true for some people, but has never been true for me. My transformations feel almost invisible and deeply internal rather than radically external.

Once, a spiritual teacher gave an assignment to sit outside on a hot summer day with an ice cube in a bowl and watch it melt. Changing from ice to water are two dramatically different states – but the process is not dramatic at all. It’s slow and barely noticeable. So, if your transformation is slow like the melting ice cube on a hot summer day – you’re doing great.

We’ve had some intense readings over the past while on the blog, lots of challenges to our ways of thinking and understanding and being in the world. Today’s cards felt like one more affirmation from Spirit that I am in the flow and that you, reading this, are also in that energy.

We’ve seen the Two of Pentacles a few times now – just another example of slow, gentle change – riding the waves of life, tacking into the wind to get the best movement with the least effort. Life in the flow. As a pentacle card, we’re looking at change and transformation in the physical world – perhaps a move to a new home, maybe an increase in salary or a better job with higher salary, perhaps you’re clearing away the winter debris and preparing for a garden – the best possible metaphor for gradual and undeniable change.

Then we shift our energy into the realm of cups, our emotional satisfaction and this reading is all about feeling complete emotional satisfaction. The Page stands on the beach, the ocean waves are calm behind him, and he is listening to the guidance of his daemon – the fish who whispers wisdom.

Are you listening? Do you have that emotional connection yet with your soul and its still, small voice? If you are looking for guidance on that connection – try the series on developing your psychic skills. The foundation of that series is creating a consistent relationship with your soul.

When our soul realizes that we are listening, when we trust that life changes are occurring as we are ready, then we arrive at the Ten of Cups. The illustration itself may not be your particular dream of complete emotional satisfaction but you can recognize the essence. Joyful play, the promise of the rainbow, and intimate connection with others.

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