The Other Side

In my previous post today, I wrote about an encounter I had yesterday – and then I pulled some cards for today’s Daily Oracle. And, not surprisingly, the cards were a perfect accompaniment to that post.

Yesterday we pulled three of the major arcana cards – today we have three swords, so we know it’s time to look deeply at what we belief, what we think, our opinions and our prejudices, and decide if they still serve us.

We seen in previous readings that while the Three of Swords does indicate a broken heart – it’s due to our thoughts and beliefs and not from an emotional impact (that would be the Five of Cups). I’m going to tie this reading into the previous post, so I’m sure you’ll get something from this interpretation, but you might get a bit more if you go back to read Social Transformation.

The woman was wrapped up in thoughts and beliefs – hers, the gas station attendant, the people who stole from her, and mine. She barely had room to move or breathe, much less escape, from what she had come to believe about herself. And if she tried, the rest of us were unlikely to free her from our beliefs about her.

How much of that is true for you? How have you broken your heart because you believed something (I’m not good enough) about yourself, or you believed what others have told you (You’re lazy, you’re stupid, you can’t succeed). How are you trapped, right now, by old and harmful thoughts and beliefs?

I know that I’ve moved a lot. Sometimes I was running away and sometimes I was moving toward. And always I was attempting to leave behind the concretized beliefs that others had developed and were trying to impose upon me. I wanted to get away with what I knew intellectually was true and let them melt into my heart. I wanted to get away from the words that were like daggers into my heart.

The Six of Swords is like that. We climb onto the boat of change and move slowly across the waters. We try not to rock the boat and to create minimal waves. We take our thoughts with us but we have the time now to look each of them over. We might even toss a few of them overboard.

We have too many beliefs about hunger, homelessness, need, and poverty. Most of them were developed long ago, as we were first beginning to know that we could think. We took them on from family, teachers, religion, and we carried them along. Those thoughts hurt. They hurt others and they hurt ourselves.

So on our journey from where we were to where we are going – and it’s not always easy to tell which shore is which if our thoughts get in the way – we have the opportunity to shine some up and toss some away. Maybe even turn them into plowshares.

And He shall judge between many peoples, And shall decide concerning mighty nations afar off; And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, Neither shall they learn war any more.

Isn’t this where most of us want to go? We want to judge (swords) and decide (swords) on behalf of what is good and just, on behalf of life and love. Like the Page of Swords, we want to stand above the fray, let the wind clear out all the old cobwebs from our minds, and to look out in all directions to see where the best possibilities are.

Our hearts know, our hearts can heal – but not if we continue to harm ourselves with beliefs about struggle, strife, and discord. It’s time. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve heard the call. Take that journey across the waters and find a new way to be that is true to who you are.

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