The Wonder of Life

When I teach tarot classes, I generally tell me students that the major arcana indicate daily, common types of events; the court cards indicate people in your life (including you!); and the major arcana indicate major events or issues.

We’ve had a few major arcana cards scattered here and there in our readings over the past few months. Today, we hit the jackpot – all three cards are major arcana.

Just a reminder – there are no bad cards. Really.


I remember the first time I read the cards – the very first time when I was in my early 20s – the Death card came up in the ‘near future’ space of the celtic cross spread. I panicked. I panicked for two reasons – first is that my intuition kicked into high gear and told me that my fiancé would die. I believed that still small voice and so I begged him to give up his pilot’s license. He did – which was an awesome expression of co-dependent love.

Stephen did not die in a plane crash, he died four months after we married while he was scuba diving, for absolutely no reason that the medical examiner could explain. I learned that when it’s your time, it’s your time. Which was both deeply reassuring and absolutely terrifying at the same time.

The second reason I panicked was my realization about how powerful the cards could be. And I wasn’t interested in, ready for, or willing to be able to access that kind of power. I wanted safety and security in a shallow and predetermined way. The universe had other ideas.

Death. This culture at this moment in time believes that death is the opposite of life, that it is unnatural, that it is apart from life. That belief is wrong in so many ways and on so many levels. Over the years I have meditated and contemplated and considered death from many different perspectives. I’ve come to accept it as a natural aspect of life, and necessary in every way. This quote from Normandi Ellis’ Awakening Osiris gave me a beautiful clue to move forward with, it’s part of a much longer prayer in the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

“May the light shine through us, and on us, and in us. May we die each night and be born each morning, that the wonder of life not escape us.”

Death is an opportunity and it offers itself to us each moment of each day. It is what we require to stop dragging the past along with us, forever. Death reaches out and gently closes the eyes that need to let go of what was and to look forward, closes the book so we can move on to a new story, closes the gap between who we were and who we are becoming.

Sometimes, however, we need Strength to be able to deal well with death. We’ve spoken about the Strength card previously – like with series on Developing Your Psychic Skills – Strength gives us to the opportunity to be in communion with our souls, and that communion returns strength to us. So that we can deal with what we have let go of, so that we can be strong enough to take the next step or the next leap.

In this reading, consider – what do you need to allow to die? Where do you need to loosen your grip so that the natural course of change can occur? Get in touch with your inner Self, your inner Strength that is always there to be called upon and is always available to help you as you learn to stand a little taller, a little stronger. Not alone, always with your guiding spirits who call you forward.

What are they calling you toward? Strength to Power. The Emperor is the absolute ruler of his realm. He chooses the boundaries, who chooses who can and cannot move through those boundaries, he chooses the laws of his realm. He chooses it all and he oversees it all.


You are the Ruler of your realm, your world. Let’s be honest, you are not the ruler of your outer world – you do not rule the people and circumstances you encounter. You are the ruler of your inner world, and you can’t rule it unless you know it. You need to know how to recognize the signals your body sends you (you’re tired!), the signals your emotions send you (that hurt my feelings!), the signals your mind sends you (I don’t really believe that!), and the signals your spirit sends you (this way!).

Get to know your inner world. Learn the languages of your body, emotions, mind, and soul. Figure out if you have any laws in your realm, whether they still work (if they ever did) and whether you can amend them to work even better for who you are today.

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