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Night has fallen, candles have been lit; the peace of the Sabbath descends upon my home. May the peace of Shabbos fill you and yours as well.

Today, my social media timelines are filled with the acknowledgement and honoring of women as the world considers International Women’s Day. I head a lot of political head talking and entertainment ‘best of’ but I wanted to see the rest of us … just celebrating the joy of being a woman.

And then, sliding into my timelines came this which somehow feels appropriate as well:

And I felt they were both a contrast and a companion to one another.

So I asked for guidance for those of us – women and men – who are working in our various ways to create a new, more compassionate world where we all have opportunity to flourish.

Sometimes, when I’m pulling cards for a reading, an extra card will drop out to add to the message. Today, we not only get an extra card but a repeat from yesterday’s reading – the Nine of Wands isn’t finished with us yet.

In fact, this is a reading filled with the energy, enthusiasm, and passion of wands. The suit of strong will – not imposed from outside by the ego – but a will that flows from the inside, from the heart and soul of what we desire to achieve.


We begin this journey with the Page – a youth, young enough for naive enthusiasm, willing to take risks, creativity, confidence, and courage are a few of the wells that she draws from to nourish the water of his work. She’s a messenger and her message is: find your passion, no matter how deep it’s buried, you never lost it.

Next, we encounter the Knight of Swords – you know him. He’s the one who goes dashing off to get ‘er done without too much thought or planning. Funny, that this thoughtless young man is in the suit of mind, but you always need the one who drops the ball and everyone rolls their eyes and says, don’t be that guy.

He didn’t listen to advice from friends or mentors, he definitely knows the best way to do everything, he’s a social justice warrior with a big heart and no clue because he is well-armored from all outside influence. His message is indirect. After you’ve rediscovered even a hint of your passion your first impulse might be to rush off and “do something about it!” Don’t. There are already people who are there, who’ve learned something valuable to offer you and once you understand, then take the next steps. Don’t center yourself, center the ones you want to help.

We continue on to the Nine of Wands and return to the energy of Fire. We met him yesterday and he’s what happens if the Knight of Swords runs rampant. He becomes battle weary – still fighting on, bruised, battered, suspicious, and ready to take on anyone whether friend or foe. Rather than receiving a message from him, we can leave one for him,  “put down your weapons, step off the stage, get some rest, find some companionship and joy. The wands are in bloom, life continues to push out new sprouts but you can’t yet see them. Trust that you will, if you simply step away for a bit.”

And finally we arrive at the Queen of Wands. She sits grounded, firm, and clear. She embodies the best of the suit of Wands – all her power comes from within and from her relationship with her element, the Fires of Life.

She has nothing to prove, she knows who she is, who you are, and what matters most in each moment. When it’s time to act, she doesn’t hesitate. When it’s time to rest, she does that also. Rather than rushing headlong into any action, she contemplates and then when she feels she has the best possible answer in this moment, then she moves forward.

You also hold this wisdom, it’s closer than you think. We can change the world as we re-discover the truth of what we hold.



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