New Moon in Pisces

The Pisces fish are swimming – one into the darkness and one into the light. The New Moon means that the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, leaves the side of the Moon that faces Earth in complete darkness. The New Moon rises and sets around the same time as the Sun, bringing it too close to the Sun’s glare to be seen with the naked eye

Light and darkness, darkness and light.

I was speaking with a client today about one way to understand astrology. The planets are not beaming energy at us that ‘makes’ us do this or that. Instead, we can think of them as a language of patterns that are constantly in motion above us. They are messages to help us understand influences that can impact us both personally and culturally.

This moment in time offers us the opportunity for radical changes and if we are aware and open, we can ride that tide. If we are not aware or closed, it’s like fighting a rip tide and we are the losers.

I asked for some guidance for this New Moon.


This is an interesting set of cards because it shows how context can shift meanings radically. Most often, the context is set by the client and their question. Today, it’s set by the New Moon.

The Two of Swords is one of my favorite cards because it’s all about choice. The character is blindfolded with her arms crossed to protect her heart. And the protection comes from her thoughts – and yet – the thoughts are not aligned with one another but go off in different directions. At any time she can choose to put down the swords, take off the blindfold and move on her journey.

This is an opportunity for you to consider: what are you refusing to look at in your life? What are the conflicting beliefs that you hold that keep you from looking? Do you need to continue to protect your heart? Is there a way to protect yourself that doesn’t leave you blind? And, what do you need to resolve this so that you can move on? This is a good opportunity for you to do some contemplating, meditating, and journal writing. Get clear so you can move on.

Notice the moon in the sky – this is a card of timing and I would say that between now and Monday is the time for you to do this work.

Normally, when I encounter the Seven of Cups I ask my client to look at where they are focusing too much on the dream and not enough on the reality. The person in the card is almost faded away with their focus on the many dreams and visions. This could be a card of illusions and delusions – and it may be for some of you.

But, today we are planting seeds of our vision for what we want in our spiritual lives. What are our values and do our dreams align with those values? Do we believe in the best of what we envision or the worst of what others have offered us? Similar to yesterday’s reading with the Nine of Cups – we can take the time to examine and sort out our dreams for the future. Pour out the ones that don’t serve us any longer and fill them with what brings joy to our heart.

Once we become clear – it’s time to take on the persona of the King of Cups, to claim one of the dreams right now and make it yours. You can be the ruler of your inner world, even when the outer world seems to be a challenge. You can choose what to think about believe (2 of Swords), you can choose your dream of the future (Seven of Cups) and you can be the wise ruler of your emotions.

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