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Our reading today is in response to a blog reader request for a three-card guidance. While her life is rich and satisfying where she is, she is also feeling a calling to pick up and move to the western U.S. In addition to the guidance she receives here, she’ll take a look at an astromap from And, of course, she’ll listen to her own inner wisdom.

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Our ancestors would be surprised and perhaps alarmed by our propensity for picking up and moving on. We move for work, school, family, to follow the call of adventure or run from troubles (that always seem to tag along behind us). In the bigger picture, we’re either moving away from something we want to avoid or toward something we desire. Both can be real and true and necessary – and both can be an illusion. Understanding the difference for yourself is imperative. I know this from personal experience.


Like yesterday’s reading, we have the Ten of Swords, but this time it’s the first issue to examine and come to terms with. Swords, you remember are about thoughts and beliefs and in this reading, the Ten indicates it’s time to put aside old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. While you may feel some fear about making a commitment to move across the country, it’s more likely that you are worried – and worries are thoughts.

So, what are you worried about? Each of your worries has to be pulled out, looked at, acknowledged, cleaned up, and put away. If you allow them to run wild, they will kill the idea before it even has a chance to blossom into possibility. If you push them into a closet so you don’t have to deal with them, the closet will eventually burst open. Best to simply embrace and understand each of them – let them teach you and inform you about what they want to say. Then you can pack them a bag and kindly send them off.

You don’t have to deal with each and every one before you can decide, but you do need to acknowledge they are there and begin to deal with them. At that point you can begin to consider the Nine of Cups. This guy! He is so satisfied with how he feels about his life. Are you? What do you need before you can begin to feel that way?

Each cup behind him indicates an area of life – work, play, finances, family, friends, lovers – you get to decide the labels for each of your cups. And then you get to examine them – is the cup full or empty? Is the stuff in the cup stuff that you want? Maybe it’s full — but full of coffee when you prefer tea. As you look, sort – perhaps you are humming or singing as you do this – consider, clean them up and refill them. At this point, your life begins to feel more and more satisfying.

This reading suggests there’s some inner work that needs to be done before a decision is complete. Sometimes the cards say, yup – time to go, not this reading. These cards say, time for you to clear up some inner stuff so that when you  move … you are absolutely delighted with it.

Whatever your final decision – stay or go, sooner or later – the outcome of the work offered by the Ten of Swords and the Nine of Cups is the Six of Cups. You will feel a sense of inner harmony with yourself and outer  harmony with whoever is involved in the move. It will feel like a gift.

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