Radical Restructuring

Remember, there are no bad cards 😀

Tarot cards have no meaning at all other than what we assign to them. Just like when you were counting off in elementary school: 1, 2, 3 and then you gathered in groups with others who were assigned that number. You can study with tarot masters, as I did; you can read books, as I do; and you can learn all the meaning assigned to them by others.

And then, you can begin to make the cards your own. As Picasso may have said: Learn the Rules Like a Pro, So You Can Break Them Like an Artist. 

The cards do not predict the future, they do not peer into the past. You do. The cards are one of the tools you can use to understand beyond – or deeper into – the present moment. Do we know this for true and for sure? Nope. But, they have worked for me for decades now. And until they stop offering me insights, until my clients no longer find deeper understanding of their current situations and their future choices, I’ll keep using them.


Today we see some challenges for the collective.

The Tower indicates a radical restructuring of how we live our lives. This is resonant with what’s going on astrologically – on Tuesday, Mercury goes into retrograde phase for three weeks, on Wednesday we have a new moon, and on Thursday Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus. One of these energetic shifts is enough to cause some disruption – but all of them over three days is a major disruption. Disruption in service to freedom is one of the energies that Uranus brings into our life.

The explosion of the Tower allows us to get down to the bedrock, the foundation of who we are and what is meaningful to us. It offers the opportunity to re-examine and re-build our lives in a way that is more meaningful, one in which we can flourish in a way that satisfies our heart.

One way to understand Mercury retrograde season (there are usually three each year) is it’s the “re” season – reexamine, reconsider, rebuild, reflect, refine, revive … you get the idea. The Tower card along with Uranus energy kicks that into high gear.

The Ten of Swords appears to be just as dour as the Tower card. Again, it’s deceptive. Swords are the suit that examines our thoughts and beliefs and how we deal with them, how we use them, and how they use us. I find it interesting that swords are also the suit of conflict. Thoughts and conflicts are deeply tied together.

The ten of any suit is the culmination of a phase. And so this card indicates that an old way of thinking is just about over. I’m sure you know people whose thoughts run rampant and are in some way killing them. Maybe even yourself, at times.

We know this is the end of a phase because we see the first light of the sun in the east – it hasn’t yet risen but it will and we’ll encounter a new day with new opportunities. Again, we can tie this back to the astrology of the week – mercury retrograde can also indicate the end of an old way of thinking. We get the chance to back track and consider and then move forward to something new.

Finally, we come to the Empress – the card of infinite bounty. She is what ‘mother nature’ is based on – but she is so much more. She is the eternal flow of Life. Have you ever seen a flower or a tree growing out of asphalt or cement or even rock? It’s roots are in something deeper – in the fertility of the Earth, in the soul of the Empress.

The Empress is the promise that once we do the work offered to us – each in our own individual way – we can reshape lives that are more meaningful, one in which we can flourish in a way that satisfies our heart.

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