Not Alone

Guidance for the week of March 3 through March 9
Guardian Angel

Image result for guardian angel kyle grayYou are not alone.

Do you believe that? Why? Why not?

Take a few moments to really think about these two questions, perhaps take a few moments to write in your journal about what angels might be, whether guardian angels are possible, and whether you – every day of your life – have guardian angels who are always with you. Because, they are you.

What’s that? You don’t understand why this situation or that experience might have happened if you really had a guardian angel by your side? Let’s go a little deeper.

Part of the challenge with believing in angels is the ways they’ve been presented to us over the past millenia in sculptures and paintings – they might be slender and ethereal or muscular and hunky – but they look like humans with halos and wings. I imagine they can take that shape, if that’s what our minds need to see at this point in our evolution, but that’s not what they are.

1200px-Apophysis-100303-104Think of energy vortexes, think of vast, eternal intelligence, think of multidimensional beings who consist of ever-changing structures. That might bring us a step or two closer to angels.

Think of fractals – objects in which the same patterns occur again and again at different scales and sizes. (Cosmos). We are a fractal of the angels and angels are a fractal of Source.

The consensus is that angels are beings of Source / God / The Divine. They are often considered to be messengers. Think of them as extensions of the Essence of Life, just as we are, and the only difference is that they are more aware of and so in closer communication with the Essence.

We can think of them as our higher self, as spiritual guides and teachers. There’s a popular saying in spiritual communities,

We are not humans having a spiritual experience ~
we are Spirit having a human experience.

When our consciousness is focused in the human realm, it seems to be the default experience that we forget who we really are. We are infinite and eternal conscious beings. The part of our awareness that is not in our limited human bodies is always aware of this aspect, is always offering guidance, support, and deep love.

So, I recommend that you take some time this week to connect with your guardian angel self. Meditate, contemplate, write, sing, chant, dance your angel self. And then listen … shhhhhh …. listen. When you are quiet enough to hear a feather gently falling through the air, you will hear the voice of your angel.

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