Be the Change!

I'm taking the evening off to rest and recuperate. Fortunately, for you, in our poetry group this morning my dear friend Redwulf Dancingbare shared this masterpiece of a poem. It is an Oracle of where we all must go, letting go of the sharp edges of difference and discrimination and living in the softer field … Continue reading Be the Change!

Holy Water

10 Years Ago Yesterday - my daughter called to let me know that she didn’t burn when splashed with holy water. She has volunteered as an escort at planned parenthood over the past years.  On Saturday mornings she rises early and travels into the city to serve as a slight buffer between the women who have … Continue reading Holy Water

Seed Bank

A deeply satisfying day is coming to an end - and my mind returns to the very beginning, sitting with a hot mug of coffee and talking with my first client of the day. We've been working together over the past few months and today was the final session for this particular challenge. I sat … Continue reading Seed Bank

Shabbos Oracle

Night has fallen, candles have been lit; outside, the cold has taken hold again and the snow and ice crunch under my boots and Shai's paws. Today was glorious - bright sun, warm enough to feed the birds and fill up the pond in just a heavy flannel shirt. I took a trip to the post … Continue reading Shabbos Oracle

Should Have Known?

Maybe I should have known  ... when I used this poem as the opening for my application essay: To Be of Use ~ Marge Piercy The people I love the best jump into work head first without dallying in the shallows and swim off with sure strokes almost out of sight. They seem to become … Continue reading Should Have Known?

Fear Itself

In his inaugural speech, in the midst of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt said “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” He spoke to a nation of people who’d had time to allow fear to spread wide and sink deep – and that is when fear is most dangerous. When it has time to … Continue reading Fear Itself

State of the Union

State: a condition of Be-ing Union: an act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one There's a river of women flowing into and through the US Capital; this evening they wore white to show their union with one another and the condition of being united in purpose, united in values, … Continue reading State of the Union

Say The Words

This morning I walked over to the local cafe for coffee, but it was closed. I’m not sure if it's because its Monday – or because of the break-in over the weekend. So… I headed up Broadway to the library, got a library card for the first time in many years, and took out two … Continue reading Say The Words

New Moon in Aquarius

Today, the sun and moon (heart and emotions) are joined in the sign of Aquarius and the moon is hidden from us in the darkness of the night sky. It's time to plant a seed that will grow as the moon does throughout the month. The Aquarian theme, from Christopher Witecki's perspective, is the theme … Continue reading New Moon in Aquarius

a beam of light falls onto the roadway through a forest

Higher Power

I was talking with a friend earlier and in the conversation she asked, "What are indications of higher power? What should I pay attention to?" Rather than take this Daily Oracle question to the cards, runes, or other intermediary tool, I will go straight to the Source. Greetings, friends. We are delighted to communicate with you … Continue reading Higher Power

tiger jumping through hoop on fire at circus


From my archives: 10/18/2008 I had a conversation today with a friend who had been married for 20 years. Over the past year, she has been making a new life for herself and her two teenage sons, now that her husband is gone from their home. She is, on the whole, a joyful person and … Continue reading Hoops

Shabbos Oracle

Night has fallen, candles have been lit, and silence is tucked in around my home with the murmurs of the sleeping dog and the crackling of the fire the only sounds within. Oh, and the keyboard clicking as I consider how to relay this Shabbos message to you. Although I no longer follow the practices … Continue reading Shabbos Oracle