Wild Magic

When I was a child, I was certain that if I just knew the right way to do it, I could use magic to make my life easier. I could just wiggle my nose, like the witches on Bewitched … or think and blink, like Jeannie, and I wouldn’t have to get out of my warm bed to shut off the bedroom light when it was time to sleep. I was sure that if I knew the right way to look, I would be able to see faeries.

I still believe in magic. Not necessarily the kind we saw on t.v. in the 1960s, but magic nonetheless. I believe we have the ability to influence objects from a distance – and that it takes an inherent talent (like musical ability) and a lot of work and discipline. I believe we have the ability to communicate with beings that are not necessarily seen in our particular 3 dimensional world with our five senses. And again, it takes time, effort, and discipline.

And so our reading for this evening …


We enter the story by way of the Magician. He stands with one hand reaching toward heaven and the other grounded in earth – channeling the energy of the universe. He stands in the energy of infinity and has all the magical tools at hand – pentacles, swords, wands, and cups.

We all have those magical tools of practical skills, intelligence, will and desire, and our emotions that guide us in the direction of our heart/soul. We are all magicians and we are creating our lives with magical tools. The question is – how skillful are we and how aware are we?

The story – for this moment in your life and my life – is a focus on the practical pentacles and the willful wands. I’m going to shift over to the King for a moment and ask you, what do you really want?

Unlike the Queens, who embody the highest qualities of their suit, the Kings hold the responsibility for taking action on those qualities in the outer world. As you wield your magical implements to create your life – you will be most successful if you know what you want. If this was the King of Pentacles – I would ask what you want in the material sense – stuff.

But this is the King of Wands, of fire, so what kind of fire do you want to experience? What kind of passion do you want to express in your life? That’s what the King is asking here.

Finally, we shift back to the center – the Two of Pentacles, we’ve seen this card in a recent reading. Today, he’s tied more closely to the Magician – both of being held/holding infinity ∞ and both of them using pentacles in their work. He is balancing the wild energy of the Magician and the wild fire of the King with the balance of the earth.

So, yes – create magic in your life and follow the fire of your passion in this moment but create an earthy container to hold it – some kind of project that will come into manifestation for you.

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