Seeing in the Dark

People tend to get pretty excited when The Lovers card comes up in a reading, thinking it’s about … well … you know … lovers. Right? Well, sometimes, yes — and more often, no.


In the Rider-Waite Smith card decks, we see a woman, a man, and an angel in a setting that looks like the Garden of Eden. It seems that he is gazing at her (“well, do you wanna?”) and she is gazing up at the angel (“whattaya think? should I?”) and the angel is blessing their union.

Image result for lovers cardBut, in older decks we see a slightly different view. The guy is in the center with one woman on either side – he’s got to make a choice, and soon, because whoever he chooses when cupid looses the arrow will be the one he gets. No more waffling about.

There’s a bit of a cultural shift from the man choosing but then being forced by cupid to keep that choice, to the woman choosing after asking for guidance from the angel/Spirit world.

In either case, the card is less about lovers and more about choice. What do you choose? Do you choose based on love? On lust (cupid)? On guidance from your deep intuitive connection with your Soul (angel)? The success of the outcome is based on not just your choice – but how you choose.

Once you’ve made the choice, the reading shift to the III of Wands. We see a merchant, standing on a hill above a bay – his ships are all sailing off to trade – he doesn’t yet know if his ventures will be successful – but he’s willing to take the risk and trust to those who will represent him along the way. Like yesterday’s reading, we have another three – in this case we can think of it as a pregnant pause – waiting to see what will be born.

And finally, we arrive at The Moon. This card indicates that whatever journey your initial choice is taking you on, it’s not going to be a quick and easy ending. As you wait for your ships to return to you, you’ll be invited to become more introspective and to consider what it is you really want, to sort out dreams and fantasies from illusion and self-deception.

I’ll add a little side note here – 99% of the time, the only deception is self-deception. I know this from my own experience as well as those of my clients. When you’re not willing to listen to the small voice that says, nope nope nope! because you want things to be different, better and you allow someone else to deceive you – that’s actually self-deception.

The moon says, take a walk in my bright full light. And you can see everything clearly but it’s … different. Not like in the full light of the sun. Everything is a little off, shadows are strange. And then, as the moon fades to her dark phase, you can’t see a thing. The stars can be so bright but not enough to guide any but the most experienced.

Will you learn to be patient enough to see in the dark? Will you explore those things that frighten you and find the path of illumination?

So, we have a choice – the initial trust that whatever you send on its way will return to you with what you had hoped – and then, as you wait, you go within.

The going within is emphasized here by the number 6 (lovers) + 3 (wands) = 9. The moon is 18 = 1+8=9. And 9 is the Hermit card – the one who goes in search of the truth of who they are at a deep soul level.

Before I threw the cards, I asked, “what will be of most benefit to those who read this?” So you, reading this, I hope this offers you some guidance.

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