Earlier today, in an online discussion, someone asked if there were any numbers that were considered bad or unlucky. My perspective is that in numerology, or astrology, or tarot – none of it is bad, all of it is information that you can choose to use … or not … to help you on your  journey through life.


Whenever I look at a reading, I look at the cards that are in the background, influencing the interpretation. In this reading, I see the influence of the Empress – she the primary III in the major arcana hidden behind the Three of Cups as well as the higher essence of the Queen of Pentacles.  The Empress surrounds and holds the energy of The Tower.

At this point, I recommend that you pick up a version of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck so that you can pull out the cards and learn on your own.

As in other readings over the past few days, the Empress is the energy of the creatrix. Like Hina, she gives birth to all of creation and she is the outer expression of the inward facing High Priestess. As the Empress gives birth, so do we all, each moment of each day holds the potential for a new creation.

The Empress is echoed in the Three of Cups where we have three women celebrating the joy of their harvest – the fruit of their labor. Similar to the Three of Pentacles, we see the success of collaboration – and we see the hidden symbolism of not enough, too much, and just right.

Both the Empress and the Queen of Pentacles are pregnant and ready to give birth. The Queen is fully located in the material world – practical, capable, and competent she is deeply connected to the land and to all living creatures whether flora or fauna.

So we have these two juicy, creative, abundant cards surrounding The Tower, the card of ultimate change and disruption. We see the lightning hit the top of the tower (your mind) and the people falling (different parts of your personality) and the windows on fire (your senses that take in information and the broader view). The Tower is rooted in the stability of the mountain, it’s just the very top that’s been disrupted.

When The Tower card shows up in a reading, it tells me that the person is going through a moment of deep disruption. They may have had a wonderful or a terrible insight that has rocked their mind and their way of perceiving the world around them. The disruption may be external and evident to everyone. It could be a break up, a job loss, a death – or – a new relationship, a promotion, or the birth of a child or a project; all these are disruptive experiences. The disruption may also be internal and very hidden, sometimes even from yourself. But again, it changes the perception of everything.

We could read this left to right, right to left, from the center outward, or as a complete gestalt with no hierarchy. The interpretation that emerges for me this evening is that a radical shift in thinking is necessary at this moment in time for whoever may be reading this post. A radical shift in the ways you are willing to perceive the world. It’s an opportunity to shake things up while remaining grounded in whatever is most solid in your value system, in fact the shake up can’t happen unless you are grounded in your values.

This shift is both caused by and continues to cause a deep sense of connection with whoever your tribe may be – if you have not connected with them yet, now is the time. They will come in to your life as colleagues and co-creators. And creation in the name of the game here – you and your tribe are here to plant the seeds and grow a new Garden of Eden. You’re not looking at doing this through a violent revolution – that’s the inner work. The outer work in the world is planting, nourishing, tending, and harvesting.

When you look at these three cards, what is the story that comes to your mind? How would you tell it differently than I have? Please share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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