Nourish Your Heart

The heart of this reading is the High Priestess – she is holder of all sacred knowledge and like Hina, she creates the world through her words. She is the still, small voice within each of us – and she is what we are trying to connect with as we move through developing our psychic skills.


While her companion cards are acting in the ‘real’ world, she is the energy and essence of what is always available behind the veil. She will be your guide as the intense energy of the wands blossoms in the cups.

In a predictive reading, I might tell a client that a mysterious message is on its way to you, arriving very soon and it will rekindle the innocence of love that you’ve been hiding from. Which is one way to look at it.

Prediction and predicament comes from the same root – and often cause the same troubles. So, I try to avoid prediction and focus on creating a space of insight and understanding. Instead of telling you what is (or is to be) I find there’s a lot more growth and empowerment if you are the one who tells the story from your point of view.

If you were sitting with me today, I would ask you the following questions:

  • What is your heart yearning for? I’m not asking about the traditional stuff like a new instant pot or a red sports car or even a new sports bra – I’m asking you to become still and quiet and get in touch with your soft and innocent heart that has never forsaken you – and ask what is the deep yearning that would make your life feel so much sweeter?
  • The first step is to acknowledge and honor that yearning. The second step is to discover one, small – even tiny – step that you can take to fulfill that yearning.

The Eight of Wands moving quickly toward the High Priestess and, through her guidance, the Six of Cups tells me that the message has been knocking on your door for some time. And now, today, when you read this, is the time to begin to listen.

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So, take a look at the Six of Cups – let the images and colors and characters inspire a feeling inside you. And then close your eyes and let that feeling lead you to your heart. There’s a message waiting there for you.

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