Warm Waters

I pulled one card as guidance for the upcoming week ~ I’m sure most of us can relate to the topic of creating an island of space and time for ourselves.

One of the things I love about the Journey deck from Sudie Rakusin is the combination of full color and pen and ink. It keeps me a little off balance, my expectation of a consistent thread of illustrations is broken open. I love her women who are not beautiful in any traditional sense – they each have their own body type, personality, dress, and atmosphere. Not all of them are easy to look at, not all of them adhere to what we expect. Her artwork opens me up to more possibility than most decks.

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Hina is a pacific islander deity and may be one of the oldest deities from that part of the world. Like many ancient goddesses she is the Creatrix and the islands rise as she sings them into being.

Your guidance for this week is to be the creatrix in and of your own life. Use the power of your words which emerge from the power of your thoughts. Do you believe in yourself? What are the obstacles that need to be put aside for that belief to become solid?

We cannot create if we are beset on all sides by the voices of others and the responsibilities that we continually pick up but too often forget to put back down. Use the power of your song to create islands of space and time – to nurture yourself, to express yourself without anyone looking over your shoulder, and to bathe in the warm waters of your divine nature.

How do you create your own islands? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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