I’m new to this part of the world – there is something about the rural, high desert west that makes me feel right at home whether I’m in New Mexico or Montana. While I’ve faced a few challenges, on the whole I am quite content to be here.

I have a new friend who also moved here recently, though they had lived here in the past. Neither of us were really prepared for the weather this winter. It wasn’t that we didn’t have the right clothing, good enough cars, or enough supplies – we weren’t prepared for the lack of access and ease.

  • We aren’t able to decide that we don’t feel like cooking and call for take out. Take out is an hour and a half, one way, when the roads are good. Right now, the roads are not good.
  • We can’t always choose to hop in the car to meet someone for coffee, or a walk in the park, or a movie. Sometimes our roads are too muddy, or icy, or snow-filled and it’s a bit too risky.

Most days, this is no issue for me. I love the solitude, I love living in my own rhythms. I love the silence. I don’t really miss having the hustle and bustle of people around me. Some days I miss the casual conversations between people I bump into at the coffee shop or in the grocery store or when I’m out on the walking trail. Some days I miss the ease and the access. Not enough, though. The solitude, for me, is worth anything I might have given up to be here.

These thoughts were on my mind when I pulled the cards for today’s reading.


We see two Queens surrounding the Four of Pentacles. The Queens embody the most mature aspects of her suit – in this case we have pentacles and wands – earth and fire.

The Four of Pentacles is often interpreted as the need to examine your relationship with your possessions – including all your stuff, your money, your home, your daily work. Do you possess it easily or do you grasp onto it, afraid of losing it? Do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you? In the bigger picture, the card asks us to consider our relationship with control – how we control ourselves, our possessions, and the people around us.

However, if we look a little deeper at this card, we see that the position of the character’s arms is like a Qigong posture, cradling the energy of the heart and solar plexus; the pentacle on top is on the crown chakra – lighting up that energy; and the feet, which also have secondary chakras, are grounded in the pentacles that rest on the earth. This gives the card a whole ‘nother aspect of someone who is both earth and fire.

Neither interpretation is the ‘right’ one nor are these two the only ones; however, in this reading – both seem to hold different keys to understanding. Especially when we relate it to the two Queens and the thoughts going through my mind, about home and access and ease, as I pulled the cards.

When looking at the court cards, the Queens don’t focus on a quest like Knights do – she has already achieved her goals. She doesn’t have the responsibility of the Kings, so she is able to relax more and simply enjoy being in her element. The Queens tend to have more of an inner focus than any other court card and so she is free to explore the depths of who she is.

Generally, court cards indicate actual people, minor arcana represent situations and experiences, and major arcana are all about big life events and phases. In this reading we have two queens which could indicate two influential women in your life right now or two different aspects of yourself.

As you read through this and contemplate the cards, you should decide which feels most like your situation. Readings are both deeply personal and ridiculously general. We can apply any reading to anyone and it would still make sense. That doesn’t invalidate the cards. Instead, it helps us to understand that they are a tool for introspection and understanding – not a tool of prediction. These images prompt your mind to engage with a situation in a new way. What you understand will be different from what your roommate or your neighbor or your co-worker would understand.

For me – the Queen of Pentacles is saying here that I want to take into consideration both my deep attachment to nature, to the land, to growing and nourishing in mind. It reminds me of my inherent nature as a resource to others – just as the earth shares her bounty to nourish our bodies, so do I share my skills and knowledge in the goal of nourishing the minds and spirits of others. And it reminds me of my need for the beauty and solitude of nature to keep myself nourished.

The Queen of Wands sits on her lion throne in the desert. She hold the sunflower and her (magic) wand, her familiar sits at her feet. (Each of the Queens in the tarot has an animal familiar, the Queen of Pentacles’ rabbit represents her fertility and abundance). She tells me to hold on to my passion projects, to be guided by my heart, and to be open to the fire/energy of Life to flow through me and carry me forward.

Since my thoughts were focused on pentacle types of issues – home, possessions, comfort, food – and the Four of Pentacles is the mediating card, I can explore what I’m holding on to too tightly, what I am willing to loosen up and let go of, and to examine what I truly value.

Feel free to share your insights from the cards in the comments section below.

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