Momentous Toast

I was talking with a friend earlier today and she asked, “what does it feel like when you receive guidance from your Inner Self? Is it very momentous and meaningful?”

I paused for a moment to check in with myself, and replied, “no, it’s more like the feeling when someone asks – would you like some toast? My feeling is yes – but a peaceful yes, because I like toast – but it’s nothing to get too excited about!”

Of course, later on, after I consider the implications of what I’ve said yes to, I often do experience the momentous and meaningful emotions. Every time we accept something new, there’s something old we have to give up.

If I choose to stay in this remote and rural area – I get beauty and solitude and I can see all the stars at night. I give up being able to walk around the corner or drive down the road to pick up take out. And vice versa. If I choose to accept the guidance of Spirit and do an online reading every single day for a year, then it means I don’t get to be lazy or give myself a day off. It means I’ve made a commitment that precludes other commitments.


Sometimes you’re the peaceful cow …

When I was younger, a number of friends in my spiritual community did have momentous and meaningful experience. Visions, spontaneous healing, deep insights, and guidance toward life-changing decisions. I’ll admit, I was a bit jealous as I plodded along in my spiritual journey. Of course, my sun sign is Taurus so I am more likely to amble – but I also have two grand trines in fire, and I wanted to flame and soar like a dragon.

I want to reassure you that whether you are plodding along or soaring, let that be okay. Your journey is your journey – it isn’t going to be same as anyone else’s. And, it won’t be the same for you from start to … well … there is no finish, it’s infinite and eternal.


… other times you’re the fire-breathing dragon.

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