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Our reading today is similar to yesterday’s in that we have cups and pentacles which tells us we’re looking at our emotions and intuition as well as the realities of our physical, daily lives. I didn’t mention this yesterday but both these readings also reflect our astrological moment in time with the sun in Pisces – emotions and intuition – and the moon in Virgo – the most real it gets.

At the center of both readings is an action card. Instead of a major arcana card, which can be understood as a spiritual force in your life, we have a court card that indicates the influence of a person in our lives, who could be you.

I want to mention that readings don’t happen is isolation – if you read your own cards or work with a reader, you’ll notice themes. Sometimes the theme is a card* that comes out over and over again and sometimes it’s a pattern, like this one.


In the three of pentacles, we see the client, the architect, and the craftsman meeting together to ensure a project is moving forward, as planned. No matter the dream held by the client or the plan created by the architect, the person who controls the quality of the actual work in the craftsman.

Some cards in the tarot have meanings beneath the meaning. This is one of the them. if you look at the archway you’ll see the three pentacles in a triangle – this is the code for how every tarot card can be interpreted.

  • At the top you have the purest expression of the card’s meaning – in this case a team working together to create a work of art whether it’s a cathedral, a database, or a fence installation.
  • At the bottom left, the card can indicate there’s too little energy – the client doesn’t really care about the project and doesn’t give feedback, the architect creates poor plans, or the craftsman does shoddy work.
  • On the bottom right you have too much energy – everyone involved wants to control the project, no one is listening to the others, it’s a big ego trip for everyone.

This card is all about the balance, not just of the team members, but also of the details – if the craftsman works the stone too little, the design will not emerge, if they work it too much, the delicacy of the design will shatter. It has to be done just right.

When you are doing – or receiving – a reading, every card can be considered in terms of whether it’s telling you that the energy is too hot, too cold, or just right. This is why I don’t use reversed meanings, I find that good/bad interpretation to be limiting. Having the three interpretations gives a lot more flexibility in understanding the situation.

I notice that we have three people in the first card, and then three people in the next two cards. This indicates to me that this reading is asking us to consider a situation where we are working with a team and not as individuals. This could be work, but it could also be a project with family, friends, or even a hobby.

One of the people – the Page of Swords- involved in this team is in it for the ideas! for the insight! for the pure mental joy of it. Someone who likes to figure out puzzles, make the plan, and look at the big picture. They might even be willing to go into a (metaphorical) battle to make sure it is completed the way they imagine it in their mind. The Page cards can indicate someone who is young in age or someone who is young at heart or someone who is willing to take the kinds of risks that we associate with youth. They’re invested in the integrity of the project both ethically and physically.

In the final card we see the rest of the team – people who are in it for the love of the project. They trust the Page to take care of the details and they pour themselves into the creation of the project.


Because we have the three mature people on the one side and the three younger people on the other – this could be a good template for someone considering a project that brings adults and kids together. Or something that adults are working on to create a safe and loving space for children.

* Sometimes when I’m doing a reading, an unexpected card will fall out from the deck. When that happens, I put it aside and turn it over after I’ve looked at the primary cards. That’s what happened today. If you remember what I said at the beginning of the post, sometimes cards will come out again and again.

The fourth card today is the Hanged Man who we saw yesterday. The card cautions us to patience until we have all the information we need to move forward. This goes along with noticing that while we have Swords/mind, Cups/emotions, Pentacles/reality, and Major Arcana/big life events or spiritual forces – we don’t have any Wands/fire. We have the plan, we have the love, we have the skills – we just don’t yet have the fire in the belly to get the project moving. So – if this reading resonates with you, take a bit more time to feel it out.

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  1. lhulla says:

    Again this reading is so aligned and keeps me moving forward with a new sense of confidence and curiosity. It’s just amazing how you allow your talent to flow. Thank you.


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