Full Moon in Virgo

As we follow this path toward developing our psychic skills, we’re connecting with our soul, what some call the Inner/Higher Self. Through that relationship, we’re connecting with All That Is. Past, present, future, and timelessness. All conscious beings (everything is conscious) in the material/manifest world as well as in the unseen worlds.

While we may be able to sense all this, we have to be willing to be in relationship with them as well. Not to simply use them as a means to an end. And that means choosing. Thank about Facebook – I have thousands of connections through friends, followers, and groups. I could spend all day every day and still not connect with each of them in a meaningful way. I have to choose and, for Facebook to work for me, I have to choose wisely.

As you continue your journey as developing your psychic skills, be mindful of which beings you want to be in relationship with and how. Do you feel called to be a medium and speak with those who were living and passed through the veil? Do you feel called to channel Spirit Guides? Do you want to connect to ancient healing masters so that you can continue to practice and evolve their skills? Do you want to peer into the future with the help of your Inner Self?

It’s all your choice. Take your time and learn about who you are in relation to All That Is. Make decisions in baby steps, “I want to try this and see how it feels to me,” is the best way to go unless you are already strongly called to a particular form. A decision today can be changed tomorrow, like a Word document you can edit it, add to it, take away from it, or delete it entirely. It’s your choice.

Part of your choice is to set boundaries. Just as you do with the people in your daily life – you also must set healthy boundaries with those in your spiritual life – seen and unseen. Healthy boundaries let you create strong and safe relationships and, again, it’s your choice.

Boundaries are the keyword for today – with the sun at 0° Pisces. Take a look at this symbol — 0 — and notice that it’s all about boundaries, there’s what’s inside and then the rest is outside. Knowing where our boundaries are helps us to feel safe and in control of our little piece of the world. Being in control is not a bad thing — like with Goldilocks, we can have too much, too little, or what’s just right. 0 lets us explore what’s just right.


The boundaries of the pool allow us to define what we want when we swim and play.
Yes to clean water and friends – no to sharks!

The sun will travel through Pisces for the next 30 days and will offer the opportunity to everyone on the planet to explore their spiritual side, their spiritual commitments, their spiritual desires, and their spiritual connections. It’s a perfect time for us to continue our exploration of our psychic skills.

If you are interested in a particular topic that you’d like me to cover in this series – please leave your suggestions or questions in the comments area. Thanks!

I draw on Master Astrologer Christopher Witecki for some of this information – I highly recommend his daily astrology service, I gives me a good perspective on the experiences in my life and globally. Here’s a link to his video from this week talking about the full moon and it’s lessons for each sign.

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