Beginning the Pisces Season

It’s been a remarkable, peaceful day. I’ve been at my desk with my view of the high desert valley below, the only living creatures I see are the birds who enjoy the feeders and seed blocks, an occasional chipmunk, and even more rare, the buck who comes to visit and snack. The day has shifted from snow, to heavy clouds, to sun and back again through the cycle. Sometimes, depending on which direction I look, it’s all three at once.

Now, the day is coming to a close, the skies are clear and blue in the west, but overhead the snow is falling fast and the winds are jostling the pinyon pines branches. I know what a privilege it is for me to be here enjoying the comfort of my friend’s home as she travels. And with the beginning of the Pisces season today, I’m also understanding it’s an opportunity for a private spiritual retreat.

Recently, I was guided to choose one divination tool to focus on during each astrological transit over the next near. And Pisces – being the sign most connected with spirit – is a perfect place to begin. The next 30 days while the sun travels through Pisces,  I’ll be using the Universal Waite deck which worked with the original drawings by Pamela Colman-Smith and was recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts. I’ll be pulling a three-card reading for our Oracle each day.

If you’d like to have me do a short reading for you here on the blog, please send me your question via the FAQ page or leave it in the comments below. Your privacy will be respected and readings will not identify the questioner.

We have some guidance here on how we see ourselves as worthy of love and connection with others.


We have the 2 of Cups, the Hanged Man, and the 8 of Pentacles. The first things I notice is that we have cups – emotions and spiritual experiences – along with pentacles – the manifest world of creation including practicality, work, and all our ‘stuff’. And between them is the Hanged Man who cautions patience and waiting until you are sure, clear, and the time is right.

The Two of Cups tells us that there is an attraction to connecting with someone or some experience on an emotional level. Perhaps you met someone recently and you felt a bit ‘sparkly’ when you were with them. Perhaps you are interviewing for a position and you felt a warm welcome at the company. Perhaps you are looking for the perfect home and you discovered a place you fell in love with. All of these are emotional responses and emotions are your soul’s way of communicating with you.

The Hanged Man jumps in to say, “woah, Nellie! Let’s slow down and wait for more guidance.” When we choose to stop and take a moment – or a week – we are giving ourselves the space to be clear about whether this will work in our lives. We’ve all experienced that instant crush on a person, a place, or an item. When we take a moment we can be enlightened.

Finally, the Eight of Wands says, “yes, those sparkles are all well and good, and I’m absolutely open to them if the Hanged Man climbs down after his enlightenment and gives me the go ahead, but meanwhile, I’m going to keep going with my daily life.” Eights are all about getting organized, putting your little ducks in a row, and prioritizing your use of energy.

To complexify the reading a bit – let’s look at the cards in the opposite direction and we see that there may be an element of feeling as if you have to work hard to get it just right, you have to be perfect in face – and that you have to suffer and sacrifice yourself in order to be worthy of love. If this resonates with you … first, know that it isn’t true. Second, take the time to develop the relationship with yourself as the other person in the 2 of cups. Learn to love yourself that way you would love another – or the way you would like to be loved yourself.


We can also look at the cards from the perspective of someone who feels out of balance between their work and their relationships. In that case, we still return to the Hanged Man and recommend that you take the time away from both to find your answer.

What’s the answer? You. The cards are malleable – there is no one right answer. The truth is discovered in the relationships between you and the cards. You have to go within like the Hanged Man to discover where you are guided. Enjoy the lovely feelings, keep going with your life as it is, and listen to the voice of your Spirit.

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