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A few years ago, when I was living in western New York, I glanced out my window and realized that there was a lovely, gentle snowfall happening. I was new to the area and it was my first winter there.

So I called my dog, Shay, and we jumped into the car for a short ride to a tree-filled park along the local creek. We were walking along a dirt path through the trees when the real snow arrived. I could barely see. I had no idea where we were in relation to the car, and our footprints were filling in quickly.


This is my tri-pawed Shay who lost his leg in a car accident before I adopted him.

What to do?! I turned to Shay who was entirely delighted with the snow and the wind; I asked him, “do you want to go back to the car, buddy?” He wagged his tail and began trotting confidently … I followed … and in a few minutes we had returned to the car.

I had complete trust in his ability to lead me back to the car. I hesitate to say, “find the car” because even though I felt lost in the heavy swirls of snow and wind, he didn’t. He knew, I trusted.

In the Daily Oracle series on developing your psychic skills, we’re moving forward from the starting point of understanding that psychic skills are simply ways that you are communicating – deliberately – with your soul. We can also understand our soul as a trusted companion, less visible than Shay, but complete with senses and abilities that we don’t have. The more we trust our relationship with our soul – using our psychic skills – the more easily we can maneuver through the heavy swirls and storms in our lives that often lead us off our chosen paths.

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Which leads us easily to the Strength card. This image is from the Smith-Rider-Waite deck. You can see a wide variety of illustrations for this Card in a simple Google image search.


Stop a moment and look at this image. What do you see? What aspect of the card do you identify with? The mountains in the background? the woman? the lion? the infinity sign?

You can begin to keep a notebook of symbols. As you encounter …

  • images (a red car),

… keep track of them and wonder about what they mean to you. Our psychic skills are based in the body, not the mind. Do you feel something in the pit of your stomach when a choice is not right for you? Do you feel a warm glow in your throat when a choice is right? Simply be attentive.

If you read Phillip Pullman’s trilogy beginning with The Golden Compass, you might remember that the alethiometer had only 36 images but each image had an infinite number of meanings. While the character Lyra did not need them while she was a child, there were books that kept track of all the meanings for each symbol. You want to create your own personal book of the meanings of symbols in your life.

When I am looking for strength or guidance or affirmation that I’m on the right path, I identify with the lion – I feel comforted by realizing the closeness of my eternal soul.

Image result for gimliI was rear-ended by a car years ago when I was driving my daughter to elementary school. Over the intervening years I’ve had a few MRI scans. For me, it’s an unnerving experiencing to be enclosed in a small metal tube with what sounds like a tribe of dwarves from Middle Earth using their axes to pound on the walls of the tube. My way of coping was to imagine the Strength card – to allow myself to trust my soul to keep me safe. I always felt a great sense of peace and calm descend on me.

Strength can, of course, mean physical strength; however, we are looking for spiritual resiliency, the capacity to not just withstand the pressures and obstacles in our lives, but to discover ways through the very real challenges of human existence and to flourish despite them.


Visualizations require you to call on your ability to suspend disbelief. When you are watching a movie, you ‘know’ that Jeff Goldblum is not an alien who landed in Geena Davis’ swimming pool (Earth Girls Are Easy). You suspend your disbelief while watching the movie so that you can enjoy it. Imagine watching a movie with someone who says, “that’s not real!” over and over again. Don’t do this to yourself!

Think about a situation in your life where you feel that you want to discover your innate strength. Imagine yourself as one of the characters in the Strength card. Ask for guidance from the other character – what you can change in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions so that you can develop that strength. Perhaps other characters will enter that scene with more information or recommendations.

Keep track of this information. Some people use fancy journals, others use plain notebooks, and others use their word processor. I use an app called Evernote to keep track of every single thing in my life – and these visualizations are one of those things.

Don’t ask yourself if it’s ‘real’. It doesn’t matter. Don’t ask yourself if it’s just you making things up. It doesn’t matter. If the information is valuable keep it. If it isn’t, you can let it go.

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