It’s All About Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! For today’s Daily Oracle, I offer you a sampler of love.

How to Love Each of the Signs ~ by Chani Nicholas

Love needs to be at the center of all we do if we are to do it for long. Love needs our actions because it starves on words alone. Love needs our solidarity because it shrivels up in isolation.

This world has no shortages of opportunities to demonstrate love out loud. May we use each one that comes our way. May our love crack the shields that loneliness creates. May our actions create more spaces for love to flourish. Read more here … 

Love, Life’s Greatest Gift by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Love calls to us in many different ways. Yet while most people seek for love in the tangle of human relationships, the mystic is drawn deeper under the surface—in Rumi’s words, “return to the root of the root of your own being.” And here we begin to discover one of life’s greatest secrets: how love is at the source of all that exists, is the source of all that exists. Love is not just a feeling between people, but a substance, an energy, a divine spark that is present within everything. And it is this deepest essence—this substance of love—that we need to nourish us. Read more here … 

The Archangel Experiment by Stacey Brown

While our earthly relationships can range from delightful to devastating and back again, the ultimate relationship is with the Divine. Listen to this interview by Steve Nobel with Stacey Brown to talk about her work with Archangels, including a guided meditation. Listen here … 

Courage by Brene Brown

brene brown

Relaxing Back Into Presence ~ by Tara Brach

Meditation: Relaxing Back into Living Presence

When we are lost in thoughts our mind contracts, our body tightens and we disconnect from true openheartedness. The pathway home is through “relaxing back” and reopening our attention to our senses, relaxing through our body, and gently contacting the felt sense in our heart. By repeatedly relaxing back, we become increasingly familiar with the vibrancy, tenderness and openness of true presence. It’s from a relaxed presence that we can most feel the tenderness of our hearts. Listen to the meditation …