In a shamanic journey that I did earlier today, I saw a vision of a community that lived in harmony with one another and the earth:

I see a small village.. They are simply going about their days. They are essentially silent, not in a forced way but as a reverence to the life around them. There are no children here, they are all adults. Women and men, perhaps this is a spiritual community.

My spirit guides and I walk unseen around them. I sense deep satisfaction with their lives. I sense deep trust, deep peace, and a love that encompasses delight and joy in self, one another, and the world at large.

They are living apart from other communities but are aware of the greater world, even beyond what might be expected. They are guardians of the energy fields of Earth. I sense there are other similar communities around the planet. I feel that all is well here. We honor these people and then we enter back into the stream of time.

It is a lovely experience to journey through time to see how we lived before we lost the sense of that deep reverence for Life. I pulled a rune to get some insight about the change — what some might call being kicked out of the Garden of Eden.


Rune: Nauthiz

The rune that emerged is Nauthiz: Constraint, Necessity, Pain. It’s not a rune people like. We don’t like to think of ourselves as constrained and we either heard or said, “you can grow up to be anything you like!” We certainly don’t like the necessity of constraint – having to, being forced to, choose any kind of limitation. And with limitation and constraint, often comes pain – whether physical or emotional.


I find it interested that today’s rune of constraint follows yesterday’s tarot card of suppression. This suggests it’s a good theme for us to explore right now: where — in our personal lives, our professional lives, our relationship lives — do we feel the pain of constraint? Where do we feel that we suppress ourselves? Where do we suppress others? This is part of the shadow that we can explore and draw out into the light.

Our loss of the Edenic state of being that I saw in my journey, came with the price of constraint. The Latin constringere means to bind tightly together. The bonds I sensed in that village were loosely and complex bonds of relationships and willing responsibility to self, other, the world.

When constraint enters the picture – necessity rather than trust – then pain enters the picture as well. A state of being tightly bound, not by inner love but by duty, imposed from the outside, changes everything.

Our challenge is examine, consider, and transmute the bonds we have in our life. If they serve us and our growth – then transform them into the kind of love based on trust, respect, and kindness. If the bonds do not serve us – we need to sever them.

The vision I had in this journey is what will keep me moving forward when I am uncertain or fearful. I encourage you to go deep and discover your own vision of an Eden that blesses you and the world.

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