Chanting: Is “Om” All There Is?

Chanting is the repetition of a word, a phrase, a prayer – something that is meaningful to you. You can speak it, sing it, or use the more common chant style of singing with just one or two notes. The most well-known chant is Om

Om – or Aum – is a seed syllable in Hindu and Buddhist chants, it is the mirroring of the sound of creation, of Source Energy, and chanting it allows the vibrational frequency to move through your body as well as the environment around you.

Remember, sound is simply vibration at specific frequencies. Some people say that once a sound is created that it continues to vibrate forever through space. Others say that sound cannot move through empty space (meaning no atmosphere to carry the vibrations) and that it does not last very long, e.g. a 10 second sound cannot be measured after 60 seconds.

My guess is the truth lies somewhere between — if we discover some kind of substance in what we now consider empty space, then yes, it would carry the sound. And, if we have the opportunity to continue to develop our technology, we will likely be able to measure sound at more and more subtle levels.

Chanting is as ancient as proto-humans and it is likely that it came about before actual language; in fact, it may be that language developed from chanting and that chanting came from our ability to listen to and mimic the sounds of nature – wolves howling, songbirds chirping, owls hooting, bears whuffling.

Chanting is found is every culture and every religion throughout time and around the globe. When we chant, we enter into a communion with all our ancestors whether they chanted in grand temples or churches … or sat around small, watchfires awaiting dawn.

Like meditation, once you have made a commitment to a chanting practice – whether daily, weekly, or monthly – you will begin to discover the benefits:

  • physical – lowers stress hormones and blood pressure and increases the relaxation response
  • emotional – reduces anxiety and depression
  • mental – decreases all the negative inner voices and increases focus and positive  brainwaves
  • spiritual – connects you with your Inner Self and allows intuition and guidance to flow more freely

If you don’t know where to start, there’s always “Om” but that’s not all there is.






Take a look around the world of chanting, find something that appeals to you, and begin. Even if you spend 5 minutes each day – you will see that, like meditation, it makes a difference in your life.

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