A Sign of Hope … if …

I try to be in the world but not of it. For me, that means I stay engaged in terms of taking in  information about what’s going on in the local, state, national, and international levels. Political, yes and human rights, and environment, and scientific developments, and literary offerings. I want to know it all. And … I need to be aware and deliberate about what I’m receiving. When I shift from observer to enraged, it’s time to step away. Every day the dance is a little different.

I am not comfortable, and I recognize this as a personal decision, in turning away from the world entirely. I did that for a decade. I had no idea of what was in the news. It was like living in my own virtual cave in Tibet. Every choice is a double-edged sword. So now I read a variety of people and media outlets to gather different perspectives so that I can create my own mosaic of understanding.

Today, I saw that more people in the Democratic party are declaring, considering declaring, being asked to declare for the 2020 presidential elections. I’ll admit, the needle moved from observer toward frustrated and, well, this might say it best:


My tendency is to look for ways to collaborate to serve the good of the whole. I don’t see that happening. I’m frustrated and concerned about the chaotic field of play. And so, I turned to the tarot for some guidance. I chose the Osho Zen Tarot and the first three cards were:

  • Suppression – 10 of Fire
    • The character in this card is bound with ropes and in a box in the ground.  They could get out but that isn’t likely at this moment since they are so focused on their limitations and not looking up and out.
  • Postponement – 4 of Clouds
    • The character in this card is gazing out at a grayed out landscape, but if they were to turn their head just a bit, that same landscape would come alive with color. The character is also grayed out but if they were to look at themselves, they would also see the colors of that landscape.
  • Stress – 7 of Fire
    • The character in this card is  juggling burning candles while tooting (their own) horn and barely balanced on a balloon … which is about to be popped by a little monkey.

The initial guidance tells me that the democrats are binding themselves up with trying to be all things to all people, trying to please what they imagine people want, and they are not ‘looking up’ to see their own vision forward and out of the box we’re all trapped in together. Things look bleak. Many situations are bleak. There’s no denying it. And yet, to focus all our attention only on the troubles means that we lose the vision of beauty that we want to move toward. Beauty, not meaning, “gosh, that’s pretty.” Instead, it means a harmony of values, vision, and action. The final card suggests that part of trying to be all things to all people means that they are so unfocused, juggling too many agendas without a strong foundation, and this may not be the time to toot their horns but to pay attention to the problems right in front of them.

This sets the groundwork but doesn’t really give any guidance for moving forward, so I pulled two more cards to see what else they had to share with us. Much better vibes here.

  • Innocence – XIX
    • Unlike the other minor arcana cards in this reading, this is a major arcana, number 19. It shows the delight of an elder in the everyday experiences of life. This is not the innocent naiveté of childhood but the mature innocence in its original meaning – doing no harm. This is a person who has allowed their life experience to develop into wisdom and to ground themselves in peace. Could we ask for a better candidate to bring most/enough people under the umbrella of peace, wisdom, and a clear refusal to harm?
  • Friendliness – 2 of Water
    • Lovely – two trees are standing tall, rooting in the earth, and yet blending together their branches above and their roots below. This couldn’t be more clear to me. Rather than wait until the convention, the candidates must start working together now. Create a new model moving forward of cooperation and collaboration rather than intra-party competition.

The final two cards are a sign of hope … if … the democrats can get their act together. And I really mean together. They need to be rooted in the same vision, they need to support one another to create a beautiful vision that stands in contrast to the ugliness we see now. And they need the elders in the community to guide with their wisdom. But not necessarily to be the candidates themselves.

I’ll point out the first three cards added up to 3 (10+4+7 = 21, 2+1=3) and the second two cards also added up to 3 (19+2 = 21, 2+1=3). 3 is all about the belief systems we choose to hold. And we see two entirely different systems here. I know which one I choose. We the People … 

As we go deeper into this political season, it will be important for each of us to be aware of and open to the guidance we receive from our intuition. Spiritual teacher Raja Choudhury is teaching a class on opening the third eye. You can click here to watch a free hour-long video and see if this teaching appeals to you.


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