Be the Change!

I’m taking the evening off to rest and recuperate. Fortunately, for you, in our poetry group this morning my dear friend Redwulf Dancingbare shared this masterpiece of a poem. It is an Oracle of where we all must go, letting go of the sharp edges of difference and discrimination and living in the softer field of integrating and blending possibilities.

Bright blessings to all!

Be The Change!

We come as child warriors
Many of us forced to be someone else’s ideal,
now rebels are we.
Many of us once abused,
now defenders are we.
Many of us once despised,
now lovers sharing love are we.
Many of us watched others killed for being different,
now standing tall in our differences are we.
We are the queers.

We climb out of hidey holes
and find the ways to stand with dignity and honor.
We break free.
We follow paths to cavort with majesty,
to frolic with destiny,
to abide in authenticity.
Some choose in-your-face sacred clown dances.
Some choose quiet mash potato and spirit portal magic.
Some mix their leather and their lace with chainsaws and grace.
But we find our way to our truth of being
through the gauntlets of shame throwing
and disgrace bestowing,
through the assumptions of crazy
and the projections of lazy,
through the fear of being violated
and the threat of being annihilated.


But we do the work.
We kiss what scares us most,
our own sex
our own churning desires,
our own natural impulses,
our own blossoming hearts,
our own impending deaths.
We often must find our real families
our honest respect, and our most sacred blessings
among those others deemed less than
by their own clan and kin.
And we still are learning to honor the first voice we hear,
the honest one,
the intuitive one,
the “crazy” one.
For sometimes we have found
that we must soar on the wings of hummingbirds,
that we must lasso our rampaging wildebeasts,
that we must crack lightening
when the thunder beings of emancipation summon it,
and we must twirl backwards on high heels while blind folded,
when balance demands it.
We must!

For we are the bridging queers!
We will stand our ground and show you that love will prevail.
We will comfort and nurture all beings as we know we are in each of you!
We will help to show new ways
for our self-recognizing two-spirit brothers and sisters,
mothers and fathers,
sons and daughters,
back to the recognition of divine natures
back to the sacred value in existence
back to the remembrance of wholeness
as we color outside the lines
break out of our boxes
and dance among the stars
with our feet firmly planted
in the heart of our great mother.
We must!
We must!
We must!
For no one can take away from us what is really ours,
our eternal spirit essence.

Blessed be the bridging queers!

© Redwulf Dancingbare 2019

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