State of the Union

State: a condition of Be-ing
Union: an act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one

There’s a river of women flowing into and through the US Capital; this evening they wore white to show their union with one another and the condition of being united in purpose, united in values, united as public servants on behalf of the greater good of all Americans.

Are they perfect? Nope. Are they more than ‘good enough’? Oh, yes.

They stand and claim their power and authority as women. They call out those whose intent and actions are to do harm to the vulnerable among us, those whose intent is to empower and enrich those who are already in power and rich. These women, united, stand up and say, “No, this is not acceptable. We stand against you and we stand for the flourishing of all humanity, of all life on earth.”

Powerful women. Powerful words. Powerful choices. It does my heart good to see them.

Rather than focus on the lies and deceit that was offered to us this evening, I chose to focus on these women and the men who support them. Here’s a reading from Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map oracle cards.

It’s a pretty straightforward three-card reading.


  • Peaks of Joy – many of us who are working on behalf of social justice tend to forget to tend our joy. And it is 100% necessary. I’ve heard many spiritual teachers say, “you can’t get sick enough to cure someone else.” I know how difficult it can be some days when we realize all the pain and suffering in the world around us, close by and distant. And yet, when we choose to nourish our joy, we do nourish those around us and that ripples outward. We can celebrate the joy of these women who worked so hard to get to where they are – we can feel the joy of those who want to join them in their good work. We can experience the joy of seeing so many women – of different races, religions, ages, sexual orientations – working together for our common good. Yes, there will be obstacles large and small – and that should not contaminate the purity of our joy.
  • Heal the Ouch – I see these women out there facing the obstacles in union with those who are suffering – physically, emotionally, spiritually. From protesting over the lack of heat and electricity at a federal prison during the recent polar vortex to visiting the concentration camps the federal government has set up at the southern border while ripping children away from their parents to standing with federal employees who were not paid for over a month and were suffering financially. These women were not simply offering thoughts and prayers. They were taking the actions they had been elected to do in order to heal the pain of the citizens of this country. I know they will continue to be there – speaking truth to power and speaking love to the vulnerable. And they will get things done.
  • Details, Details – these women do have grand visions for us as a nation. And yet, they are on the ground, working with the staff, and taking care of the details. They know what has to happen, each step of the way. They are willing to face those who can’t step down from the grand vision into practicality – and they are willing to face those who say their vision is just a pipe dream. As women they have faced it all, over and again, throughout their lifetimes and they know how to keep the big picture in mind as they focus on the minutia.

For me, I’ll be supporting the women in Congress – I’ll be promoting their work and cheering them on, and appreciating all their successes, large and small.

What about you? What will you do to keep this momentum going?

Colette Baron-Reid has a wide variety of oracle decks and books including the companion book to the deck I used today.