New Moon in Aquarius

Today, the sun and moon (heart and emotions) are joined in the sign of Aquarius and the moon is hidden from us in the darkness of the night sky. It’s time to plant a seed that will grow as the moon does throughout the month. The Aquarian theme, from Christopher Witecki’s perspective, is the theme of where you belong in all aspects of your life – home, work, relationships, community, love, finances, creativity … where do you belong as your highest expression of your Self?

For today’s oracle, I’m choosing a card from the Triple Goddess Tarot by Isha Lerner and illustrated by Mara Friedman.

Image result for karmic imprints mara friedmanKarmic Imprints (15) is the new moon message for those of you reading this post. First, I want to note that at the time of the conjunction of the sun and moon earlier today, they were both at 15° Aquarius. In addition, Saturn is at 15° Capricorn and Neptune is at 15° Pisces – both in their home signs. This card is emphasizing 15 – the balance point of the sun’s 30° journey through each sign. If you add 1+5  you’ll get 6, which in the Kaballah is the Sefira Tifereth symbolizing balance, beauty, compassion, integration, miracles, and spirituality. Another thing to consider is that every new moon, beginning in November 2018 through May 2019 will be at 15°. An unusual occurrence and a message from Spirit for us to be aware of the need for these aspects in our lives and to take advantage of the new moon energy to plant them in our soul.

In this card, we see the soul, crouched in the egg and awaiting rebirth. She carries with her the karma from her past lives and from her lineage. We carry our karmic imprints with us from lifetime to lifetime and in each life we accumulate both positive and negative karma. Karma isn’t a punishment from outside forces, it’s the result of what we choose to think, say, and do.

The question we can ask ourselves this new moon is: are we choosing the thoughts, words, and actions that support and enhance life – those that affirm ourselves and every being we encounter? Or, are we choosing thoughts, words, and actions that support and enhance destruction and devastation – whether individually or globally?

My favorite, and rather mundane, example is the grocery store clerk. Do you smile and acknowledge them as a valuable being? Do you focus instead on the card reader, swiping and pressing buttons and ignoring the person? Do you grumble and grump because they don’t meet your requirements of the moment? Each of these is a choice and each adds to the balance of your karmic load.

If you focus on the negative, then you get to carry that karma along and work it out in your next lifetime. No, again, no one imposes it on you. You get to choose. If you focus on the positive, then you get to carry that karma along as well – and then spread the joy, supporting and enhancing life, love, and beauty … and all the other good stuff.

So, take a few moments in the next 24 hours and contemplate …

  • What seeds are you planting that will impact your karma in this life and those that follow?
  • Are you planting seeds that will allow you to flourish in the places that you belong?
  • Are you planting your seeds in balance, beauty, and compassion?

Then you’ve done well and you can look forward to some wonderful harvests.

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