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Higher Power

I was talking with a friend earlier and in the conversation she asked, “What are indications of higher power? What should I pay attention to?” Rather than take this Daily Oracle question to the cards, runes, or other intermediary tool, I will go straight to the Source.

Greetings, friends. We are delighted to communicate with you regarding a higher power and how you can recognize that power. We are, of course, communicating with you through the consciousness of this woman, and so we can only use the concepts that she is aware of. Fortunately for you, she is aware of a great deal after so many years of study and contemplation.

Our sense is that you are looking to understand how you can recognize the Divine as it expresses in your life. And, for the moment, it is too large an answer to say, ‘the Divine is everywhere you look and the Divine is communicating with you at every moment of every day, awake or asleep, alone or with others, you are never outside of that Divine flow of awareness, information and insight.’

So we will offer smaller answers. Bite-sized. Easy to grasp until your grasp expands. We are seeing in this woman’s mind’s eye a plumber’s wrench that can expand as needed. This is similar enough that you will grasp it.

Indications and recognition. They both will rely on your ability to be and remain open to what is not within your ‘normal’ range of experience. You walk through your days as sleepwalkers, and you see only what you expect to see, day in and day out. When a small event intercedes, you often attempt to reinterpret it immediately so that you can scurry back to safety. To be aware of the indications and recognition is to step outside those boundaries of safety. To live more dangerously.

Where does the danger come from? Certainly not the Divine. No, it comes first from yourself and then from those around you. Consider if you were to announce that you have had communication from — or even more terrifying to many — communication with the Divine.

  • Imagine your response to recognize it in yourself.
  • Imagine your response to recognize it in another who is close to you.
  • Imagine the response of others to you.

To be willing and open to the indications, which is simply another word for signs, this is the first step of a dangerous journey. We admit this fully. Your beliefs are in danger, your current faith in a safe, small world is in danger, your ability to laugh off synchronicity and other signs are in danger. These are the indications that may seem small but have large ramifications.

What do you most desire? Think of the list you could make, and then imagine crossing each of them off as false. They are momentary desires. The one who asks, “how do I recognize the Divine in my life?” — that one has begun to understand her true heart’s desire. It is to know herself as Divine, to know all others as expressions of the Divine. We say to you, words are small. As you read this, you must feel into the energy beneath the words. We are offering something large. Immense. It breaks through the clouds of heaven and scatters the angels to the sides. This higher power is Power, it is the ultimate Consciousness. It is you, and the butterfly, and the distant stars, and the unseen amoeba. It does not rest, it does not turn away from you.

If you are looking for answers, if you are looking for guidance along your way, you need only ask. Your answer is as close as your breath, but you must be still, within, to hear this answer. You must look lightly — with new eyes and willing to be awake — upon the world to notice what is — and in a deeper way.

Do you want simple answers? Then we say, do not take time out of your day – put the consciousness into your day. Do not step outside your life for answers, immerse yourself in your life. That is where it is. You are here on the earthly plane to live an earthly life and to discover the answers as they are written in stones, and clouds, and the pattern of rain falling upon the earth, in the intricacy of a flake of snow as it is formed, lands, and becomes part of something larger, and finally transforms into sweet water.

As you are transformed. Each day, wake as if it was your first day, smile upon your heart and say, welcome. and smile.

You will discover the higher power through small things, simple things, that’s where you will give your attention. All the indications are there, it is nothing special, it is the flow of your life. It is not practical, it is not logical, it is not explainable via words. It simply is. You will feel the truth of it as you trust your Self.

Stars over mountain grasslands

Photo by Taylor Durrer via unsplash