Daily Oracle: Beyond My Circle

I’m hoping you had a glorious Saturday. Here in New Mexico we have high clouds moving swiftly across the blue skies and where I sit (el. 7,200) preparing this for an evening posting, it’s creeping up on 50 degrees.

I’ll be opening the Daily Oracle to guest posting on Saturdays – I’m not the only Oracle and I’d love for you to be exposed to other points of view and styles. So, I’ve put the word out to my oracle community — and I invite you to contact me (form at the end of this post) if you are interested in being part of the guest post cycle.

Today, I’ll introduce you to three people I enjoy receiving information from:

Danielle Egnew: Psychic/Medium

I love her work, her positive but not excessively cheerful outlook, and her great big personality, as big as her native Montana’ skies. You can follow her on her blog: Call To Light Press. Here’s a link to her most recent podcast:

Image may contain: cloud, text, nature and outdoorEpisode 38 of inPsight Radio with Danielle Egnew: Part 1 of a two-part year-end broadcast, Danielle casts a predictive light on 2019 starting with stepping outside the box to rebuild our current society: What’s an example of human evolution in action? How does the term “non-binary” reflect a more inclusive “god consciousness”?  How can we all step outside of the box, out of our own comfort levels, to set a course of events in action that may permanently change the world? And what was in our current President’s mind when the then-candidate found out he was moving on to the Presidency? Tune in and receive today’s best inPsight!

Steve Nobel: Author and Energy Medicine Practitioner

I’ve been listening to Steve’s meditations, affirmations, interviews with people in the spiritual field, and his Ascension News for over a year now. They are inspiring and transformative. His YouTube channel has almost 40,000 subscribers and they are all worth listening to.

No photo description available.Listen to his recent podcast on a multidimensional approach to healing. “According to NHS website, the top five killer health issues in the UK are: cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and liver disease. Listen to Darius Meibodi speak on the multidimensional approach to such illnesses.”


Toko-pa Turner: Artist, Mystic, Dreamworker

Each time another post comes across my timeline from Toko-pa, I know that I’m about to settle down into myself and access something known but hidden within.

Image may contain: outdoor“It’s said that after arriving in a new place, we will have replaced the entirety of the water in our bodies with that of the local watershed in just a few days. Though these adaptations happen at a biological level, we are vastly unconscious of the implications a place has on our psyche. Just as humans carry an energetic signature, so too do geographies. However, like fish swimming in water, we are rarely aware of what energy a place holds until we leave it, or return to it after time away.”

Toko-pa Turner, Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home


Would you like to have a guest spot for a Saturday post in the Daily Oracle? I’m open to written, audio, or video to enhance the lives of my readers. Thanks!!