Wild Magic

When I was a child, I was certain that if I just knew the right way to do it, I could use magic to make my life easier. I could just wiggle my nose, like the witches on Bewitched ... or think and blink, like Jeannie, and I wouldn't have to get out of my … Continue reading Wild Magic


Earlier today, in an online discussion, someone asked if there were any numbers that were considered bad or unlucky. My perspective is that in numerology, or astrology, or tarot - none of it is bad, all of it is information that you can choose to use ... or not ... to help you on your  … Continue reading Inception

Warm Waters

I pulled one card as guidance for the upcoming week ~ I'm sure most of us can relate to the topic of creating an island of space and time for ourselves. One of the things I love about the Journey deck from Sudie Rakusin is the combination of full color and pen and ink. It … Continue reading Warm Waters


I'm new to this part of the world - there is something about the rural, high desert west that makes me feel right at home whether I'm in New Mexico or Montana. While I've faced a few challenges, on the whole I am quite content to be here. I have a new friend who also … Continue reading Solitude

Shabbos Oracle

Night has fallen, candles have been lit; may the peace of Shabbos shine upon you and yours. This morning the snow was filtering lightly down as Shay and I went for our morning walk. And it continued to snow all through the day, large heavy snowflakes building up until the small pond in the back … Continue reading Shabbos Oracle

A World of Symbols

You live - we all live - in a world of symbols. Spirit, the sacred, is communicating with us all the time. Every moment. Whatever you see, hear, smell, taste, touch or sense is a symbol, even at the most biological of levels. Your nervous systems takes in vibration/signal/symbols and turn it into meaning in … Continue reading A World of Symbols

Just Right

Our reading today is similar to yesterday's in that we have cups and pentacles which tells us we're looking at our emotions and intuition as well as the realities of our physical, daily lives. I didn't mention this yesterday but both these readings also reflect our astrological moment in time with the sun in Pisces … Continue reading Just Right

Full Moon in Virgo

As we follow this path toward developing our psychic skills, we're connecting with our soul, what some call the Inner/Higher Self. Through that relationship, we're connecting with All That Is. Past, present, future, and timelessness. All conscious beings (everything is conscious) in the material/manifest world as well as in the unseen worlds. While we may … Continue reading Full Moon in Virgo

All Riled Up

Over the course of the day, I've engaged with a few intense - and respectful - conversations on social media having to do with the current political situation both nationally and internationally. I'm learning to listen first, to respond only when I feel I have something valuable to add to the conversation - prompted by … Continue reading All Riled Up

Shabbos Oracle

Night has fallen, candles have been lit; the peace of the Sabbath descends upon my home. Yesterday's rainstorm has passed by and tomorrow's snow is not yet here. I stand in the moment - darkness and light are both present. I pulled a card from Sudie Rakusin's Journey deck for our oracle this evening. Védõszent … Continue reading Shabbos Oracle

Cattle Guard

I was driving down to the post office today (8 miles of gravel roads, right now they are a blend of snow, ice, mud, and blessedly dry patches) and as I slowed waaaaay down for the cattle guard with the extra bumpy crossing, I thought that it would make an excellent card in an oracle … Continue reading Cattle Guard


In a shamanic journey that I did earlier today, I saw a vision of a community that lived in harmony with one another and the earth: I see a small village.. They are simply going about their days. They are essentially silent, not in a forced way but as a reverence to the life around … Continue reading Constraint