Swords to Cups

Now that this blog is stabilizing with different types of content, I’ll be dedicating the Daily Oracle on Mondays to guidance for my readers.

Two of Swords ♦ Five of Cups ♦ King of Cups

You can read tarot as three separate images, or you can find ways to integrate them into patterns that you notice. The first thing I noticed was a shift from swords to cups – from initial challenges that were created through thoughts/beliefs to an acceptance and resolution through the emotions. We move from two – a belief in duality as reality, to five – those things/people/experience that cause chaos in our lives and seem to control us – to the King, the one with ultimate responsibility in the realm of endeavor.


I’m going to read this for the collective, although its easy enough for you to shift it into the personal for yourself.

Two of Swords

The first card represents the collective of humanity at this time. There are many things we don’t want to – and haven’t been willing to – look at. She is blindfolded; but, there is nothing stopping her from putting down those dangerous, oppositional beliefs and taking off the blindfold to see clearly. Behind her is the ocean at low tide, all the dangers have been exposed, if she wanted a safe passage to the island across the bay, she could easily avoid the obstacles that would destroy her craft – but again, she doesn’t want to see. Above is the crescent waxing moon. Both the moon and the ebb tide indicate that there is some kind of timing involved here. Since we are not yet prepared, as a collective, to make the journey safely, we are not yet ready to feel safe enough to put down our ideological weapons, we are not yet ready to see clearly – we will have opportunity to do this on the next tide, at the next turning of the moon. We’ve been given the opportunity to prepare ourselves, and the next card helps us with the transition.

Five of Cups

This is the card of ultimate disappointment. I see this everywhere I look when encountering people of good will who are wanting to continue to believe in the best of humanity. For those of us in the U.S., we bought into a fairy tale that held us in thrall to the belief that we were “better than this” and yet, clearly, we are not. Yes, as individuals, no as a collective. And, even the best among us participate to some level in the negativity of the collective. The grief and disappointment in the public realm is palpable. Like the person in the card, all we tend to see is the three cups spilled – our blood, sweat, and tears some might say. And they would be right. We need to acknowledge the depth of our disappointment and grief and then, it’s time to turn around, pick up the two cups that are still standing upright, and cross the bridge to the community who needs us. The final card tells us what the community needs from us.

King of Cups

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Yes, that’s you. And you. And you, too. The Kings are the ones who willingly hold the responsibility and the authority. Not over others, over themselves. The ones who took the two (duality) cups after feeling, learning from, and releasing their grief and disappointment and chose the one they valued the most. The Kings live out of their hearts, from their deepest values. Their emotions support them just as the ocean supports this throned King. They listen to the intuition that rises from the depths of their Inner Self just as the King here listens to the fish who bring him news of the deep. And they do not fear to take the necessary inner and outer journey, just as the ship sails through the waves in the background.

As more of us put down our swords, sheath the words of conflict and disconnection; as more of us face our grief and disappointment without pushing it away or clinging to it; as more of us are willing to seat ourselves powerfully in our own personal authority – the more likely we are to see the world shift and change for the better as the tide continues to ebb and flow and the moon continues to wax and wane and wax again.