Take a breath. Take one more. Do you feel inspired?

  • You just moved from a lack of awareness to awareness.
  • You just landed yourself in your body, which might be quite far away from where you mind was roaming.
  • You just switched control of your breath away from the autonomic nervous system which runs your body while you’re off doing other things. Otherwise, you’d have to focus your attention and decide when to breathe, when your heart should beat, and how you should be digesting. Instead, this all happens automatically without a thought from you.

Except for your breath. It’s a key to unlock superpowers you might not have realized that you had access to. Because while 99.99% of us cannot deliberately control our heart muscles, cannot deliberately control the correct functioning our digestive system, and cannot control the response of our pupils to light – 99.99% of us can control our breath.

When we learn to work with our breath, we also learn to work with our state of mind, with our emotional responses, and with our physical well-being. We discover we have the ability to bring ourselves into a balanced, relaxed, and responsive state of mind.

Your autonomic nervous system isn’t just in charge of all the functions that you’re too busy to take care of 24/7. It is also in charge of the fight or flight response. So when you’re not aware of your breath, you’re much more likely to be led down the road to the stress response in too many circumstances. When you are aware of your breath, and know how to manage it, you have choices.

vipassana-1100778_1920I’ll be writing about breath regularly here on this blog and offering different types of breathwork techniques for you to try. Today, I recommend that you simply become aware of your breath throughout the day. You might set a timer for every few hours so that you pause a moment and become aware of whether you are breathing quickly or slowly, deeply or shallowly, into your belly or into your chest. Simply become aware and notice how it feels.

Every time you breathe, you are inspiring yourself.


I’d love to hear what your experience is after this simple awareness technique. Feel free to comment below.