Message on Divisiveness

Today, as I read through the headlines and commentaries on my Twitter news list, I am once again staggered by the divisiveness I see between and within different factions and parties. In this atmosphere, it’s so easy to be triggered into anger, fear, and frustration; to participate in the divisive conversations. I know I’m guilty more often than I’d like to be.

This evening, I pulled a Rune for guidance for us all. The stone Ansuz came out of its leather pouch, reversed.

Image result for ansuzAnsuz (awn-sooze) is the rune for communication and the symbol for the Norse god, Odin. As a seeker of knowledge, he hung himself by the foot from the world tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days and nine nights; his goal was to discover the power and secrets of the runic language.

After this shamanic initiation in which the runes revealed themselves and their meanings, he was able to speak the language of the runes to perform the magic of healing, protection, and banishing evil entities.

The power of words, symbols, and paths of communication are at the heart of the divisiveness that we see in the world today.

  • The best possible use of Ansuz is the use of words and symbols with integrity and authenticity, careful to be aware of the potential harm that could be done, being inspired by connection with the Inner Self and with the intention of creating understanding and beauty.
  • The worst possible use of Ansuz is manipulation of words and symbols with self-serving intentions that include creating delusions, misunderstanding, and manipulation. Since the rune was reversed, we can understand that this negative form of the power of communication is holding sway in the world.

If we take Odin’s example, we can use our words to perform the magic of banishing, healing, and protection. We can choose integrity, kindness, and respect.

Imagine your words creating a beautiful and permeable barrier that allows in only the highest and best each of us is able to communicate in any instance. Visualize this barrier turning aside words that we know are intended to cause harm, both our own and others’.

We can say, “this is not acceptable in my world” and we can ask our Spiritual guides and teachers to remove that harmful energy from our personal experience as well as from the public realm.

Tell me how you deal with the divisive atmosphere in the public arena.
We would all benefit from your experiences.