Q&A: Do We Chose Our Earth Experience?

Q: What is the theory of humans choosing to have an earth experience and how do I find out more about it?

A: Let me break this down for you a bit. We’ll start with the suggesting that we are not human beings who are looking to have a spiritual experience. Turn the tables around a bit and consider that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. That our primary and ongoing experience is as a spiritual being.

dolphin_thedigitalartistI like to think of a dolphin as it leaps free of the water for a moment and then re-enters the ocean waters. One way of thinking of multiple lifetimes is that we are the soul leaping into the human experience and then re-emerging into the spiritual realm. We never stop being the spirit, just as the dolphin doesn’t become something else – something more or something less – when it leaps into the air.

toucan_sujuIf we are eternal, spiritual beings then we can imagine that we choose – as individual souls – to inhabit a human body (or a butterfly, a rainbow trout, or a toucan body). If we take it one step further, we can also consider that just as we might choose to take a trip from Boston to Chicago and fly, or train, or drive, or even bicycle. Our souls can also choose to take the journey called “a lifetime” and decide what kind of vehicle to take and who our companions should be.

Some people believe that we choose, ahead of time, what we want to learn during a lifetime and that we collaborate with other souls to play particular roles in our lives. For example, if we want to learn about betrayal and how to heal from betrayals in past lives, we can ask another soul if they will play the role of a lover who betrays us. Or we can ask them to allow us to betray them. Or we could ask them to be the parents so that we, as a child, could witness betrayal. The possibilities are endless.

You might ask me, “is this real and true?”

And the most honest answer I can give you is, “I don’t know, but it feels right to me.”

I suggest that you play with this set of concepts. If you like to journal, then write about it – the things you wonder, the questions you have, and even ask your inner guidance/intuition about it. While there are many books and videos about this topic, sometimes the best place to go for guidance is within before you start looking too far outside yourself.

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