Invisible Fences & Soul Friends

Today I had a class with one of my mentors. A small group of women, all of us in our wisdom years, taking the time each week to examine the beliefs and experiences that hold us back. They are our pain barriers – whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Like the invisible fences for dogs that give them a shock when they get too close, we are also sensitive to that sudden pain. Like the dogs, we are too often reluctant to step up with a full encounter because we fear how bad the pain might get.

running-dogSome dogs are willing to rush that fence, experience the temporary pain, and run free. From my perspective, that’s what we are doing in this class. Encountering the pain so that we can move past it into freedom from old, outdated, limited, and dysfunctional beliefs.

It’s two parts scary and a million parts exciting. Each time I bump up against these barriers I wonder who I will become when I pass through. Yes, it’ll be uncomfortable for a bit and yes, it will be a little disorienting outside the fencing, and yes, it will lead me into becoming more fully myself.

Part of the class includes a visualization session where our mentor suggests we imagine ourselves in a place of safety and power. And while we are in that interior space, we have the opportunity to interact with spiritual guides and teachers. And so I did.

The place I go to most often is out in the high desert, it’s usually late evening, and always there is a fire circle. Different beings in my spiritual team are always there – sometimes just a few, sometimes there are many. Today, there was a crowd and I thought it would simply be a time of nourishing conversation and company. It’s important for those of us on a spiritual path to remember that it doesn’t always have to be work when we are with our guides. It can sometimes be fun!

fire_msbrittSo, we sat together and passed the time until of my guides called me outside the circle and the warmth of the fire. I walked with him and met a friend. We had a conversation in that imaginary realm that we weren’t yet ready to have in the physical realm. And that friend returned to the fire with me after we had come to an understanding.

This kind of visualization is one of the many kinds of oracles. The interactions we have with our spirit guides or with the souls of people who we know in the material world are real. They are simply not material. The information we receive there is as useful and valuable as what we receive in any book or lecture. I know that when I next see my friend, it will be with a deeper understanding of their situation and a deeper trust in their integrity.


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