Clear Vision

I love tarot and oracle decks. I love the artwork and imagination that are expressed as people collaborate between seers and artists and offer us an extraordinarily diverse set of images to use as oracles.

The deck I learned with is the traditional Rider-Waite, I studied with a tarot master for many years and my work with her was rigorous – she and the cards expanded my perspective beyond anything I had originally expected. That’s the deck I use most often, especially when reading for clients.

But, every once in a while I’m tempted to add another deck to my collection. Today, a new oracle deck from Colette Baron-Reid arrived in my mailbox, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. I decided to pull a card to ask about this new blog, since it’s only a few days old. I wanted guidance and insight.

Note: I rarely use a traditional layout like the Celtic Cross for readings any longer, although I did for many years. Now, I often shuffle cards until two or three ‘fall’ out or I’ll select just one as the basis of a reading and then select another if the reading needs clarification.

I also prefer to let the images in the card lead my intuition before I look at the guidebook of meanings that is provided with the deck.

I like the cards in this deck, the images are by Jena DellaGrottaglia and they feel playful. The card I pulled for this reading is The Ringmaster of Scrutiny. The ringmaster is generally the master of ceremonies in a circus – the one who introduces the other performers and narrates the story that ties the performance together. I can see myself as the ringmaster of the blog as I introduce different aspects of practical spirituality and use my experiences as the loose narrative of the story of the search for and discovery of a spiritual home.

In the background is a library of information and resources; which is what I am offering here to you. In in the foreground, the ringmaster has one of those books open and a magnifying glass to help him look more deeply, just as I use the daily oracle and other blog posts to look more deeply for both myself and on your behalf. These are the elements of the card that stand out to me at first glance. (This is the first time I’m looking at these cards, right along with you!).

As I look at the guidebook, it suggests the message is about being attentive to details while keeping the vision for this blog clearly in mind.  The text says:

“This Ally is on your side to point to the deeper meaning of what unfolds in your life, he reminds you that every moment counts.”

This is the message that I want to convey in the Daily Oracle – every moment has meaning and you have the ability to recognize and understand that meaning, if you are willing to put preconceived assumptions aside and allow your intuition to have its full voice.


2 thoughts on “Clear Vision

  1. Lisa Hulla says:

    What great insight – thank you!
    “…if you are willing to put preconceived assumptions aside and allow your intuition to have its full voice.”
    This message inspires -trust in yourself, you know best and be open to what “IS”.

    Just what I needed, when I needed it.


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