A Quiet Room

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Daily Oracle post, oracle messages can arrive in any  manner. Today’s oracle is a quick one, and it happened a few days ago. It’s a great example of how to be aware of the guidance you are always receiving from Spirit ~ through the words of others nearby.

In this case, I was having coffee with a friend and asking him for advice. “When you go inside,” I asked him, “and open to your intuition, what does it say that I should do?!” I was, to be honest, feeling a little frantic about having to make a decision. I trusted his wisdom in this situation when I knew that my intuition was clouded by my emotions.

So, that’s what he did, closed his eyes, put his hand over his heart, and he listened. Just at that moment the cafe became very quiet except for one woman who said – quite clearly and with great personal authority:

“You have to be very clear about your boundaries.”


My friend and I looked at one another and smiled. That was the perfect answer to the issue I was struggling with. As with many others, learning to discern what I want to keep private, who do I let through the gate, and who gets their own key … it’s a lifelong process. I was grateful for the guidance on that decision and it helped me to resolve the issue with minimal drama.