Q&A: Energy Exercises Make Me Dizzy and Hot

Q: When I practice energy exercises, I often feel dizzy and hot. I also experience waves of sadness and grief. This is unusual for me, as I am usually a joyful person and have manifested an amazing life.

A: As a practitioner of energy medicine, I believe your experiences are within the range of ‘to be expected’ as new energy fields begin moving and opening. First, dizzy and hot are often part of the renewed movement of your life energy. When I work with clients, I often feel extremely hot, and often they do too. While I’m sure you are currently a joyful person with an amazing life … and … we all have experiences in our past that have blocked our energy. At those moments, we experience sadness, grief, anger as part of the normal human experience. This is an opportunity to clear out old emotions and it’s wonderful that it’s happening for you.

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