Q&A: Does My Energy Field Interact with Others?

Q: As our energy field extends out beyond our physical body in layers of frequency – what happens to our field when we are in close proximity to other people? Can their energy affect our field and vice versa?

A: Yes, we are affected by people and other animals as well as by trees, rivers, rocks, telephone poles, trash cans, and street signs. Part of the beauty of learning to practice energy medicine for yourself is the ability to strengthen our energy systems. In that way, the impact of others is filtered through the strength of our own energy and comes through as positive as possible. When the impact is ‘negative’ we have th tools to quickly give ourselves a posibie energy bath!

You can experience this deliberately by sitting and facing another person. Become quiet and the move the palm of one hand toward the palm of the person sitting across from you. If you move slowly and with awareness, you can feel when you are touching different levels of the other’s energy system.

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