Morning Visitors

Oracles can arrive in any manner – a line from a song, a license plate that answers a question you’ve been chewing on, the conversation in a room stops suddenly, except for the voice of one person who says exactly what you needed to hear.

What’s an oracle? In some cases, it’s a person who gives messages from Spirit. An example is the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece. In other cases, it’s when you recognize a message from Spirit as you go about your daily life.

This morning, as I sat at the kitchen table working on this blog, I happened to glance up and out the sliding glass door to the patio. Over at the bird feeders stood a stag with a lovely set of antlers, he was quietly nibbling from a seed block. At his feet, a raven walked here and there picking up some fallen seeds. And then, the stag stepped away and the raven flew up to feed! They switched back and forth a few times. They were clearly companions.

This is only the third morning that I’ve woken in this home, it’s all new to me. This isn’t a daily, “ho hum there they are again.” It was remarkable. A message from Spirit. I want you to consider that Spirit is communicating with you all the time! Every experience and situation is an opportunity to become closer to what some might call their Higher Self or perhaps their Guardian Angel. The name is less important than getting into the habit of listening. So, I saw, I acknowledged there was a message, and I opened myself to understand what that message might be.


Ravens have been considered sacred birds in cultures around the world and throughout time. The consistent themes for them are prophecy, wisdom, and transformation/death. They were the companions of goddesses like the Cailleach and gods like Odin and Bran.

The message Raven brought me this morning from Spirit was an affirmation of my decision to move forward with this blog, at this time, and have prophecy be an important part through the Daily Oracle.

Raven’s companion was the stag, both the object of the hunt and the hunter in his form as the god Cernunnos. The stag leads the hunting party deeper into the wood as they seek him – and what he symbolizes is wisdom, nobility, and protection of the herd.


The message from the Stag was the cooperation between his grounded wisdom and Raven’s ability to soar into prophecy on his wings, taking the broader view. Practical spirituality.

I left an offering for them both under the nearby tree – a tasty treat in gratitude for the morning visit and the opportunity to go a bit deeper into understanding the next phase of my life.


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