Wild Ox

What do you do when someone tries to shame you? When they want you to question your experiences, your observations, your knowledge, or intuition? For me, it's very unsettling - I can feel the ground slipping beneath my feet and the slippery slope of falling back into old beliefs, old thought patterns, old and not … Continue reading Wild Ox


I’ve had a few experiences recently that have been disturbing.  Now, usually we think of disturbing as ‘bad’ … we don’t want to be disturbed. I looked it up, of course, and found the definitions were: to break up the quiet or serenity to agitate to upset, make uneasy, or anxious to break up the … Continue reading Disturbing

Swords to Cups

Now that this blog is stabilizing with different types of content, I'll be dedicating the Daily Oracle on Mondays to guidance for my readers. Two of Swords ♦ Five of Cups ♦ King of Cups You can read tarot as three separate images, or you can find ways to integrate them into patterns that you notice. The first … Continue reading Swords to Cups


Take a breath. Take one more. Do you feel inspired? You just moved from a lack of awareness to awareness. You just landed yourself in your body, which might be quite far away from where you mind was roaming. You just switched control of your breath away from the autonomic nervous system which runs your … Continue reading In-Spiration


This morning as I drove down the gravel roads to my weekly poetry group, I glanced up at the mesa towering over me in the east. The sky was a perfect, clear, western mountain blue and yet over that mesa was one cloud. Instead of lying horizontally across the top of the mesa as I … Continue reading Clouds

Trusting Reiki

I wanted to share a story with you about an experience I had when my daughter was very young, maybe 3 or 4. But, it starts with me and my studies in non-western healing methods. I had recently received my certification in massage and one of my instructors recommended that I consider becoming a Reiki … Continue reading Trusting Reiki

Shabbos Oracle

Friday at sundown is the beginning of the Sabbath for those who practice the Jewish faith. Sabbath originates in the ancient Hebrew language as Shabbat: to rest. And in the 9th century, Jews living in diaspora Europe developed a language of their own - Yiddish. It combined German, Hebrew and Aramaic, and as the Jews … Continue reading Shabbos Oracle

Confidence Game

I had a client recently who was excited about being invited to participate on a panel of presenters for a professional group he was involved in. After the group released a web page that included the professional profiles of each of the presenters, he began to feel more and more out of place. All the … Continue reading Confidence Game

Six Card Reading

Today was a very quiet day. It might have been a little too quiet after the past few months which were so full of change and restlessness and busy-ness. Taking a few full days to be at home, to allow some peace to flow without too much pressure felt ... odd. I felt a little … Continue reading Six Card Reading

Message on Divisiveness

Today, as I read through the headlines and commentaries on my Twitter news list, I am once again staggered by the divisiveness I see between and within different factions and parties. In this atmosphere, it's so easy to be triggered into anger, fear, and frustration; to participate in the divisive conversations. I know I'm guilty … Continue reading Message on Divisiveness

Clear Vision

I love tarot and oracle decks. I love the artwork and imagination that are expressed as people collaborate between seers and artists and offer us an extraordinarily diverse set of images to use as oracles. The deck I learned with is the traditional Rider-Waite, I studied with a tarot master for many years and my … Continue reading Clear Vision

Adapt Ability

I’ve been reading Brain Rules by John Medina. I’m enjoying the book quite a bit, he presents some pretty complex information but with language that is simple and amusing. For me, to combine humor, good writing, and science – well, I’m in heaven. I want to dig in a little to something in his Chapter 2 … Continue reading Adapt Ability

A Quiet Room

As I mentioned in yesterday's Daily Oracle post, oracle messages can arrive in any  manner. Today's oracle is a quick one, and it happened a few days ago. It's a great example of how to be aware of the guidance you are always receiving from Spirit ~ through the words of others nearby. In this … Continue reading A Quiet Room